Top Living Room Paint Colors for Relaxation

After we get home from a long, tiring day at work, one of the first things we often want to do is take a seat on the living room couch. The living room is at the center of the average home’s entertainment efforts, but it’s also one of the best places to unwind. This is why many homeowners choose to upgrade it to a more relaxed and tranquil atmosphere for their homes. These are some of the top living room paint colors for relaxation so that you can do just that.


Violet makes a soothing addition to any room. This is because, with blue as its base, it can evoke feelings of calmness and bring harmony to the mind. However, for living rooms specifically, it’s important to mention that choosing a hue that’s too dark can mitigate these beneficial effects. So, you’ll want to use something a bit softer, such as lilac, to brighten up the room and maximize the calmness it brings.

Blush or Pink

Light pink, or blush, is also one of the top living room paint colors for relaxation because it establishes a slightly warmer atmosphere. Cool tones are great for making a room feel tranquil, but warm hues such as red, pink, and orange offer cozier vibes. As such, they’re still great for kicking back with a good book—they just also provide the room with a bit more energy.

Dark Gray

Dark gray is a good color to consider as well because it can dim some of the excess light in a room and create a feeling of warmth and relaxation. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this color, since it’s darker, has a lot more influence on the space as a whole. So, your walls be darker, and some of your décor will appear that way as well—making it crucial that you balance out the walls with lighter items.


If you’d rather go lighter anyway, you could try using a neutral color such as off-white. This hue is highly reflective, and it can amplify the light in some dimly lit spaces. But, since it isn’t pure white, it won’t be overpowering to the eyes. This makes it a better option for people who want to mix other color schemes into this area.

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