Signs Your Deck Needs Work Done

For those of us who have them, backyard deck spaces are at the center of our home entertainment activities, from hosting outdoor gatherings to enjoying relaxing nights under the stars. They’re just as important to our lifestyles as any other home amenity. However, when you’ve had your deck for a long period of time, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that indicate severe damage. These are a few crucial signs your deck needs work done and what could happen should you ignore them.

Support Posts and Beams Are Rotten

Rot is one of the most dangerous forms of damage your deck can sustain over time—especially when it’s located in the supporting beams. Wood rot is a form of fungus that grows when the wood is moist, and it slowly eats away at the material around it. This eventually weakens the structural integrity of the deck and increases the danger of walking on it. If some sections of wood are discoloring or becoming soft to the touch, it’s crucial that you take action immediately.

The Deck Isn’t Level

You might also need to repair your deck if it’s no longer level enough to walk on. In areas with rainier weather and softer ground, supporting posts often start sinking into the mud. This not only raises the chances that you’ll slip and injure yourself but also makes your deck less usable. For this reason, make sure you occasionally inspect your deck for any sections that may be dipping and reinforce them before they can become a larger problem.

Boards Are Cracked and Splintering

Another important sign your deck needs work done is if its boards are starting to crack or splinter. After years of exposure to the harsh outdoor elements, the top layers of wood will begin to decay and become rough. If allowed to persist, this will eventually cause parts of the wood to splinter away from the rest of the board and become a safety hazard. Therefore, make sure to occasionally sand down these areas and stain your deck to protect it from future storms.

If you happen to identify some of these signs with your own deck, reach out to Bear Mountain Custom Painting to address them. In addition to house painting, we also have a staff of professional carpenters in Cumming, GA that specialize in rotten wood replacement and deck repair. Let us help you get this space back into the proper condition so that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.