Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Paint Color

The idea of picking out a new wall color for your home might seem like a simple one, but it may not turn out that way. In fact, there are many things to consider during this process, and even a slight color variance could leave you with an effect you didn’t want. This is why it’s crucial to devote some time to the selection process and really plan out what you want to accomplish with that specific space. Here are some questions to ask before choosing a paint color and how your answers can affect your finished product.

How Will I Be Using This Room?

First and foremost, it’s important to have an idea of how you’ll be using the room. This is because certain colors can affect how you perform certain tasks. For instance, people primarily use their bedrooms for sleeping and relaxation—so they commonly gravitate towards more soothing tones in this space. On the other hand, people often use bright colors in living rooms to promote more energy.

What Atmosphere Do I Want To Create?

Next, you should spend some time thinking about the atmosphere you want the room to have. The color should still promote a certain reaction, but in this case, it’s more about the feeling the color invokes. Yellows are typically cheerful and happy, and blues or natural hues are more calming.

How Much Natural Light Is in This Space?

Another question you should ask before choosing a paint color is how much natural light you notice within that particular room. Color is capable of absorbing or reflecting light, so you could throw the brightness of the space out of balance if you choose the wrong color. For this reason, if you have a lot of light in a room, you can go with a slightly darker color. If you have less light, go with a lighter color to make the room appear brighter.

What Other Colors Are Being Used Nearby?

Make sure to think about how your new color will contrast with the colors you already have nearby. A home’s color scheme doesn’t need to be exactly the same between rooms, but keeping them in the same family creates consistency. It’s typically a lot more effective to take inspiration from the hues you already have around you.

If you’re struggling to answer any of these questions, or if you have others and you’d like to get additional information, give Bear Mountain Custom Painting a call. Our experienced, skilled professional house painters have worked with a multitude of color schemes and types of paint. As such, they can offer vital advice during your decision-making process.