How To Protect Your Gutters From Snow

Snow is one of the most damaging forms of precipitation for a home. In fact, its weight alone can crush surfaces that don’t have the proper reinforcement. Regardless of whether your area gets a lot of winter storms, it’s still vital that you’re ready for when one hits. Home gutters are especially susceptible to snow damage—even going so far as to crack your roof in more severe cases. Here is how to protect your gutters from snow and ensure they’re fully functional no matter the climate.

Keep Them Clean and Clear of Debris

First and foremost, keep your gutters clean and clear of any debris they’ve collected over the past few months. From twigs and leaves to dirt and grime, your gutters compile a lot of different things that can potentially clog their piping. Adding snow to this can cause gutters to freeze and burst, resulting in more damage than many homeowners can fix themselves. So make sure you stay on top of this task if you know a storm is approaching.

Use Gutter Guard Accessories

You can also protect your gutters from snow by equipping them with additional accessories. Gutter guards cover most of the top opening of a gutter system. A small gap in the cover allows water to drain properly, while the rest of the guard prevents debris from entering and clogging up the pipes. They’re a very popular choice when trying to keep ice or snow from collecting in your gutter drainage.

Install Gutter Reinforcements

It’s best to install gutter reinforcements as well. When snow starts to soften, it will often slide into your gutters, where it will collect and refreeze. This creates what’s known as ice dams, and they can be extremely heavy—even enough to pull your gutters away from your roof. Fortunately, proper reinforcement materials can mitigate the effect this weight has on your gutters and keep them in better condition overall.

While Georgia isn’t a state known for frequent snowstorms, you never know what the forecast could throw your way during the winter months. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we set out to ensure that every home in the Atlanta area is safe from this environmental hazard. As experienced home gutter installation contractors in Cumming, GA, we’ve helped clients replace their old home gutter systems and educate them on how to preserve their gutters’ lifespan. Let us do the same for you.