Great Indoor Improvement Projects for the Winter

The winter chill may have limited our time outdoors, but it doesn’t have to stop us from getting things done. In fact, this season is often one of the best to pursue projects that focus on maintaining and repairing our homes’ interior. These are a few great indoor improvement projects for the winter to keep you busy and productive.

Paint Your Walls

It doesn’t need to be warm outside for you to try out a new color scheme. Painting is actually one of the best ways to completely transform an interior space regardless of the weather. Rain, shine, or snow, you can paint one wall or your entire house to make an incredible impact. Just be sure that you’re using the right paint for your needs.

Install Crown Molding

Winter is also an excellent time to install crown molding. These pieces of beautifully-carved wood can add the perfect accents to a room’s architecture—making it appear more sophisticated or traditional. Crown molding is incredibly affordable and easy to install, so you’re sure to find something that suits your design tastes, time, and budget.

Reseal Your Windows

Another great indoor improvement project for the winter is to spend some time inspecting and resealing your windows. Window drafts are one of the primary ways a home loses precious heat in the winter—costing us hundreds in the process. As such, you can use this time to ensure you’re getting the most out of your energy consumption. Depending on the state of your windows, this could mean simply resealing with a bit of caulk or replacing your windows entirely.

Replace Damaged Drywall

Use this season to finish some outstanding work with your interior drywall. This is especially important if your walls have recently sustained damage or you’ve installed new insulation. If you redo these sections of your home now, your home will be looking its best come springtime.

If you have a list of projects that you want to tackle this winter season, you’ll need to find qualified and experienced professional help to do so. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we specialize in various home painting and remodeling tasks. Whether it be repainting a bedroom or replacing your windows, we’re confident that we can create the results you need. For more information about our services, give us a call.