How To Achieve a Maximalist Style in Your Home

As the au contraire of minimalism, maximalism allows others to overdecorate their residence. You might think this theme supports clutter, but that’s not the whole truth. Explore more on how to achieve a maximalist style in your home with this thorough guide. If you need a professional hand from our house painters in Alpharetta, or if our roofers in Cumming, GA could improve your quality of life, call us for your complimentary quote today.

What Is Maximalism?

Maximalism isn’t new; in fact, it’s been around just as long as minimalism. The lifestyle isn’t a salute to hoarders. However, it gives a decorator the mindset that something big, maybe more than one oversized item, should be in a particular room to help balance out a specific style.

Let’s take antique shops, for example. You may think that it’s filled with junk, but if you go inside of one, you explore different areas set up to achieve a certain level of luxury, style, or personality.

Maximalism allows you to think outside of the box, as long as you follow these rules:

  • Every space needs to be filled
  • Have fun with color
  • Mix styles
  • Go as far as possible on lighting
  • Buy those kitsch objects

As long as you follow this set of rules, you won’t have trouble filling every room with things that mean a lot to you and follow a theme.

Maximalism has no limit, but if you feel your space is tight, try and limit yourself to a few items for now until you get a bigger space.

Here’s more on how to achieve a maximalist style in your home.

Don’t Limit Yourself on Color

Color means everything to the maximum enthusiast. When you come across new ways to enhance your home’s theme, don’t neglect color—you can use the entire color wheel if that’s what you desire.

There are some colors you want to test out, so go to your local hardware store and pick up sample swatches to use. Start with light colors first, and then mix in dark hues to help make balance. Our house painters in Woodstock, GA would be happy to help you choose a color, offer samples, and provide guidance on textures and brands.

Fill Your Walls and Shelves

Don’t be afraid to live your best life with artwork walls and shelves full of different-sized books. The best thing about the maximalism style is applying the art you want, including purchasing kitsch items to help pull it all together.

Don’t only add one or two pictures; get creative and add more. Nothing needs to be even, but ensure you keep the spacing lined up for a clean appearance.

For example, if you want different pictures to look like they’re ascending, place each piece to its adjacent side and raise it only a few inches above the other.

Apply Your Personality Everywhere

Let’s compare the maximalist trend to a table of desserts and hors d’oeuvres. The hors d’oeuvres are the beginning of your style, but it can’t be simple all the time; you need to add taste to every room, so treat it like a dessert.

Think of your favorite thing to eat after or before dinner; if you could eat it forever, wouldn’t you want to keep decorating your place for eternity? That’s what it’s like to apply your favorite furniture pieces and your personality to your residence.

Use everything from bright colored fabrics to fun decorations that make the space feel more like a personal escape. Work with our Roswell, GA house painters to add a bold interior color, and you’ve mastered the maximalist lifestyle.

Place Books Everywhere

Even if you’re not a reader, books are a decorative piece many can use to define their style. Books come in many colors, and the older the book is, the quainter and more personal the room feels.

Keep books on shelves, scattered out on side tables, or even hide them in the bathroom for others to read at their leisure.

Don’t stop using books as ornamental pieces; they make great centerpieces and even better conversation starters.

Ensure You Add Comfort to Every Room

Maximalism can’t exist without comfort. Even though you’re encouraged to add as many items as possible, you still need space for true relaxation and comfort.

If you have additional space outside, turn your patio into a peaceful sanctuary where you can relax. Our expert deck builders in Cumming would love to help you create an amazing outdoor space.

Give Each Room Its Own Purpose

Each room has a purpose it needs to deliver; like the transformed sanctuary on your patio, every other room needs to breathe in new life before being used.

For instance, if you love cooking in the kitchen with friends during parties, now’s the time to work with professional house painting services in Cumming, GA to pick a palette.

Everything from warm yellow and brown tones to medium-hued greens and blues, your room won’t be the same.

Consider applying the rustic Italian kitchen style to your kitchenette as you incorporate other themes into your residence.

Act Now and Adopt the Boho Style

The Boho style is easy to replicate, but it can be pricey depending on what you buy. However, there are ways to achieve a boho-style abode for cheap.

First, pick a room, any room; then, select neutral-toned palette colors that don’t contain too many dark undertones. Also, buy fake plants; they’re affordable, and you can place them in other areas of your abode.

The best place to buy anything boho-themed is vintage stores, since it relies a lot on Zen and vintage items.

Go Vintage

Vintage is the best way to go when wanting to achieve maximalism. If you have a favorite century, try incorporating inspired items into those rooms to curate more of the maximum design.

Many vintage items may scream minimalism, but adding different colored furniture and art pieces can help the room achieve full maximum. Our professional carpenters in Cumming can also help you restore and perfect furniture and trims.

Let Maximalism Be Imperfect and Personal

Unlike other style trends, maximalism doesn’t rely on perfectionism. It prefers to be imperfect, especially when merging and crossing over different dwelling styles.

While shopping for your furniture and art pieces, don’t stress over matching everything; the whole point of maximalism is to incorporate what you like and want, not others.

The best place to start with your maximalist style is here. Our guide can enhance your space into something you enjoy while showcasing your best art and furniture pieces.

Now that you have your style choice, let’s get you paired with a house painter from Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We can rally together to find the best palettes for each room. Contact us here for more information on how you can use more color in your house to achieve maximalism.

How To Achieve a Maximalist Style in Your Home