Exterior House Colors You Should Avoid Using at All Costs

The last thing any homeowner wants to do is paint their home a color that devalues it. Don’t use colors that make your home look like the ’80s called and want their paint job back. Here’s a compiled list of exterior house colors you should avoid using at all costs.


Your house isn’t Barbie’s Dreamhouse; it’s a home that demands a color that turns heads and gives the home a clean appearance. Back in the 50s, many raved over using pink, but it’s now the color for dollhouses.

Some admire the dollhouse-like features of Victorian homes, but if your house isn’t Victorian-styled or an inspired one, don’t use pink. Instead, try repainting the trims of the home a more neutral pink, like dusty rose, if you have a brown or black exterior.


Yellow’s a fun color to use, and people back in the day loved the way it looked on countryside homes and nestled-away cottages. It’s even made several appearances across social media. However, it doesn’t age well with the house.

Yellow’s too bright but fades fast and ages homes badly. So, avoid using this color if you can, but try going a shade or two brighter if you can’t.


Beige is very common but rather too familiar for some tastes. Medium-dark shades work pretty well with beige, like maroon. If your home is currently beige, or you want to attempt the color, try incorporating other fun colors to other parts of your home, such as the door.

A maroon or red door adds personality and immediately turns heads. For window frames, try going with a basic white. The windows are the eyes of your home, so add a bright white to help waken your home a little more and draw in more light.


Cream is a beautiful color, but it’s difficult to maintain during the winter, as it can make the outside look dirty. It’s possible to lift the paint with a deep blue on the door or window frames, but not by replacing the stain with a bluer shade.

Instead of using cream, try using a neutral-toned yellow. The cool yellow tones can lift the cream, creating a golden-like rim around the base of your home.


Unless you are super creative, green won’t make your house look nice. In fact, green is one of the most challenging colors to pull off without the right foliage or accompanying colors on the door or windowpanes.

Depending on the shade, you need to be extra careful. For a dark green, color the trims with white paint.

Contacting a home exterior painting company can connect you to professionals who can give you an honest opinion of what colors to avoid using on your home’s exterior.

Every professional at Bear Mountain Custom Painting can provide you with ideas on acquiring the right palette set for your home’s outside walls. For more information on our exterior home painting services, contact us.