4 Ways To Integrate Brutalist Interior Design Into Your Home

You’ve endlessly sifted through countless magazines, looking for the style that suits your lifestyle but also gives you an edge. We know that minimalism is a thing, and it is not very interesting after a while. However, minimalism has a sibling that’s a little edgier—meet brutal, your new favorite interior design. Let’s get a little creative in our current home decorations and find ways to integrate brutalist interior design into your home.

Stick With Seamless Design

Being seamless in everything, from furniture to wall décor, so you don’t want to add too much into the brutalist style. For instance, the home design style focuses on elements that lean on the same line as minimalism, such as clean lines and subtle design.

Since minimalism doesn’t expose too much, brutalism comes in to add a little bit more to help it appeal to a home’s modernity.

Incorporate Blocky Furniture

In industrial design, you may have noticed that the lines are clean, and the techniques heavily rely on big and plain furniture but cool to darker tones. Brutalism adopts some of those but makes the furniture choices bulkier.

In other words, you can find many of the elements used for furniture have points; the points create a visual that’s appealing from afar. Up close, though, the lines meld in, creating an unwarranted error into your minimalist home style.

When buying your furniture, focus on objects that have a bulky, square, or blocky-like form. These forms create contrast and add more depth to a minimalistic design.

Use Harsh and Distressed Surfaces

Block furniture’s not the only thing you want in your home; when adding in different textures, focus on rough and distressed surfaces. Brutalism is a way to accept imperfection into your otherwise perfect understated home.

Surfacing says a lot about how you introduce imperfection into the home’s theme. For vintage lovers, you’ll want to incorporate metal objects, such as mirrors and cast iron side tables. These elements seem simple, but they add an edge that makes the home feel like the best mix of hard and simple.

Focus on Colorless Paint Palettes

Paint is still an essential part of the brutalist minimalism home decor theme. The colors you pick won’t have insanely bright or dark hues.

Focus on using cool neutrals like charcoal, slate, and platinum. However, if you want to use gold, go for cool tones, such as daffodil or flaxen. These shades, among others, are achievable in your color palette, and many interior home painters in Cumming, Georgia can collaborate and find the best tones to meet your standards.

Focus your energy on not only learning how to integrate the brutalist interior design into your home, but also on finding inspirational photos and working with a designer on transforming your house.

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