Signs Your Deck May Need Repair or Replacement

The outdoor deck is the highlight of every housewarming party. Not only is there extra room to sprawl out, but it provides you the opportunity to have a private space to go to when you want to relax. Don’t you think it’s time to check for any signs that your deck may need repair or replacement? You’ll know by looking over these indications.

Rotted Wood

The first obvious sign that the surfacing needs work or replacement is rotted wood. The first appearance of a rot problem is when soft spots show up on your panels. This phenomenon is called wood rot and can spread to more vulnerable areas, like the foundation, if you have an attached deck.

If you do catch the issue early, it’s possible to remove it with a screwdriver and some wood cleaner. If the rot doesn’t come out, you need to remove the boards and get new ones to prevent the wood rot from spreading.

Loose Floorboards

Floorboards can become loose if there’s enough traffic going through. It’s a common issue that’s easy to fix if you resolve the problem promptly.

The best thing to do is inspect the screws and see if they’ve rotted. If so, they need to be replaced. As mentioned above, loose floorboards are common, but they becomes a hazard if you don’t inspect and diagnose the problem and do something to treat the boards.

Weak Railings

To walk up and down safely, you need to have sturdy railings that will help prevent falls or other accidents. Your railings can suffer from problems. Like floorboards, stair railings can be replaced and fixed.

If your railings are bent or severely damaged, it’s better to replace the entire structure to make the stairs safer.

Rotted Posts

If you’ve noticed that the posts aren’t as durable as before, you likely need to replace them out before your outdoor deck falls apart.

A rotted-away post is a good indicator that you need to check the hardware. This is also an easy fix, but is better suited for a company with specialized Carpenters in Cumming, GA.

Bug Damage

The other cause of damage that requires massive tear downs and redo is bug damage. If you’re not preventative, bugs like termites and carpenter ants can chew away at your wood, weakening the durability of your surface.

If you notice hollow or sunken boards, it’s time to bring in a specialist who can look over the areas and replace them with new panels. You can prevent this by spraying the area down with insect repellent.

It’s essential to prevent insects from invading and even maintaining your deck when natural elements take over, which is why you need to be aware of these signs your deck needs to be repaired or replaced.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting can ensure that your deck looks new again through necessary repairs or replacements provided by our carpentry services. For more information on repairing your deck, contact our deck contractors in Cumming, GA.