How Paint Trends Have Changed Over the Years

Paint trends have come and gone over the last century. From the jewel-obsessed 1920s to the neon shades of the 1980s to the mood-setting colors of 2022, there have been heavy influences on how society decides on trend colors. Let’s explore how paint trends have changed over the years.

A Brief History of Paint Trends

You’re not the only one to think about trending paint colors and themes. Unbelievably, these trends come from everyday influences, like the economy, popular culture, and social media.

The Economy

From the 1920s to now, the economy has dramatically influenced paint trends. Paint colors in homes during the Great Depression were darker tones of yellow, red, blue, and green. They helped saturate a gloomy world with something fun and reminiscent of times before the economy’s collapse when life was normal.

In the 1950s, pastel colors were the trend when new life was pouring into the States post-war. In the mid-2000s, earthy tones responded to the environment. In the 2020s, we’re seeing more bohemian colors—muted tones that encourage adventure and positive experiences for the new millennium.

Modern Color Trends

At the beginning of the 21st century, before Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook existed, trends spread on the Home and Garden channel and through magazines. The first decade of the 21st century saw an insurgence in paint color trends. During the early 2000’s, many people relied on colors from movies that best represented the earlier millennium, including:

  • Soft gold
  • Blazing orange
  • Hot pink
  • Lime green
  • Animal print (zebra and cheetah were all the rage)

From there, we swing into the now and consider the trends of today. Since 2020, TikTokhas been the go-to for keeping up with trends. Many amateur and professional interior designers share their favorite shades and even predict what color Pantone would choose for the color of the year.

So far in 2022, we’ve seen colors like cream and green come onto the scene. They remind us of renewal and a better way to start anew every day.

Looking Toward the Future

What do the colors of the future tell us? The future is uncertain, but we’re excited to learn how paint trends change over the next few years. As trendy colors continue to grace our walls, we’ll keep relying on social media to tell us what’s in store.

It’s possible that color psychology will influence future trends. Color psychology defines color hues as a way to determine human behavior. In other words, if you paint your walls lavender, the room will feel relaxing. Color psychology is the next big influencer that greatly helps with mood setting.

How do you envision your walls in the future? If you want to find out, hire interior home painters from Bear Mountain Custom Painting to learn the best shades for your home. Even if you aren’t sure what colors you’d like, we’re happy to lend advice to help steer your decision!