What’s the Difference Between a Carpenter and a Contractor?

Various parts of the house need specialized care, such as the roof needing a roofer and the walls needing a painter. Home improvement specialists, such as contractors and carpenters, can fulfill certain tasks. However, these two professionals are often confused for doing the same job. So, what’s the difference between a carpenter and a contractor?

Defining Carpenter and Contractor

Carpentry and contracting professions seem to have some correlation, but they are two different jobs entirely. While both are hands-on, you should first know that carpenters are traditionally woodworkers. A contractor is a general servicer who does a little bit of everything.


A carpenter typically works with wood but also hones skills in cutting, shaping, and installing all sorts of materials in buildings. Whether it’s residential or commercial work, a carpenter must ensure the building’s materials are stable enough to withstand the climate and the structure.


Typically, the contractor runs the entire construction operation. Many of the hands-on tasks you’d expect a contractor to do fall onto other more specified workers, such as painting and roofing.

What Are the Qualifications of a Contractor?

A contractor needs to know what each trade does before they call themself a contractor. Aside from that, contractors also need experience, so hiring someone with at least ten years of experience is ideal rather than finding an amateur who just graduated high school.

From their experience, you can tell how well contractors manage their team, ensure good performance, and follow the proper rules and regulations. Additionally, a competent, trustworthy contractor should know building codes and have the right licensure.

Do Carpenters Only Work With Wood?

Everyone knows carpenters as woodworkers, but they do so much more. Carpenters work with several types of materials and collaborate with contractors to ensure their workers install things correctly, cut the proper dimensions, and use the right equipment.

A carpenter does more difficult tasks than a general contractor who knows the trades, such as installing a roof, flooring, and siding. Hiring a carpenter is ideal if you need a specific home improvement task done.

Should I Hire a Carpenter or a Contractor?

Should you hire a carpenter or a contractor? That’s up to what your project entails. If you have a new build, you will want a contractor to help you out. For specific needs, you’ll need a carpenter. Every project requires either a carpenter or a contractor, and it’s important to know the difference before hiring someone.

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