6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

For most homeowners, a home renovation project is a necessity to improve their overall home value and catch up on renovations they didn’t have time to complete before. These necessary repairs can help make the house a better place for the entire family, and to make it even more comfortable, homeowners should replace their windows. Don’t let your windows fall into disrepair! Become more aware of the six signs it’s time to replace your windows.

The Furniture Around the Window’s Fading

When sunlight hits your wall decor, furniture, and carpeting, it can cause the fabric colors, paint colors, and other decoration pigments to fade over time. This typically happens when windows have little to no low-E.

Low-E glass is great to have because it reduces the harm UV rays have on furniture, flooring, and wall art. Switching out your old glass panes for something with low-E film can create a better environment. Additionally, the low-E glass is microscopic, meaning the film will keep heat and UV rays out of the house, so it remains cooler.

There’s Visible Damage

It’s hard to get past the look of your windows’ apparent cracks and breaks. When the damage on a window becomes more apparent, you need to worry about potential access for breaks ins, rodents, and damage from the weather.

A broken window also becomes a safety hazard to kids and pets. Without realizing a window’s broken, children or animals could hurt themselves. Make sure to get your windows fixed to prevent intruders from breaking in and avoid injuries in your household.

Every Day Feels Drafty

How do you know if you have a drafty room? First, let’s explain how a drafty room works. When you’re heating or cooling a room, it can sometimes seep out, and the hot or cold air outside replaces it. When this happens, the space becomes uncomfortable.

Now, how do you determine if the room is drafty? Maybe you just left the ceiling fan on for too long, or you turned the heat up too high. Here are a few signs you have drafty windows and how to find the air leaks.

Signs You Have a Drafty Room

The most common signs of a drafty home are sudden cold breezes and electrical issues. While you might assume it’s a ghost haunting your home, it’s most likely the windows. These indicators prove that your windows have damage, don’t fit well, or are old. Even so, you should inspect the entire house for air leaks.

How To Find Air Leaks

Any time you feel a draft, you should seek out the source. If the source is nowhere in sight, it may be that the ceiling fans are going for too long or the heat’s too high. If these aren’t the causes, you might have an air leak.

You can spot an air leak by checking your chimney, weather stripping, windows, or attic. The attic’s the best place to check first, and then your chimney and windows. If everything else looks fine, but the weather stripping along the windows has damage, you need to change it immediately.

You could easily replace weather stripping at an affordable cost—put additional stripping on the sides of windows and other moveable pieces to keep air from slipping through different parts of the house. If the weather stripping still doesn’t help, you should replace your windows.

There’s No Soundproofing

Some nights, you want a quieter house, but if your windows can’t drown out most of the outside noise, it might be time for an upgrade. It can put a damper on fun gatherings with friends or alone time if you constantly hear neighbors arguing and cars speeding down the street.

If you have one thing that could filter out unwanted noise, let it be soundproof windows. Double and triple-paned windows have enough glass glued together to create additional insulation for your home. Why else should you have soundproof windows? Find out about the other soundproof window benefits below.

Soundproof Windows Save Energy

All you want to do is save a little more on energy consumption; thankfully, soundproof windows can do that. Because of the double and triple glass layer options, the noise reduction reduces by up to 95 percent. Additionally, soundproof panes provide extra insulation for the home to keep the interior temperature consistent throughout the year.

There Are Different Glass Options

Your choice of glass options could never be better. From double-paned glass to mixed millimeter glass, these styles provide enough thickness to keep exterior noise from disturbing the ambience inside your house.

How do you pick a glass style? Since there are many different choices, you need to look at how many materials each uses. A single-paned window will use less material because it’s a cheaper glass to make. The other types, like triple-paned, have more materials, giving the glass more thickness to prevent noise from traveling indoors.

The Style Is Completely Outdated

Windows are the eyes of the home. Sometimes, those eyes may look unpleasant, but having them redone is possible. Fix up your curb appeal by updating the style. Choose a new grille pattern, find a new window sill color, or add shutters to revamp the style, but ensure that you replace your panes.

New windows bring a refreshed look to your home’s exterior and become the envy of every neighbor. If you’re looking for a way to increase your home’s value, get new windows.

The Electric Bills Seem Higher Than Usual

If you’ve raised both eyebrows at your electric bill recently, you’re probably searching for a reason why. One could be the window panes. Sometimes the windows are so damaged or old that they change the temperature of a room quickly, making the HVAC system work harder than usual.

At this point, you should be on the phone talking with a professional Alpharetta window installation service and talking about the signs that you need to replace your windows. After discussing the signs, schedule a time for a worker to inspect your windows and replace them.

Replacing your windows is one of the best things you could do to improve your home’s appearance and increase its value. If you ever need window replacement services in Cumming, GA, Bear Mountain Custom Painting can help you. Contact us whenever you’re ready to hire a professional home improvement company.

6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows