5 Common Home Renovation Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Don’t start redoing your home yet; we have a few things to discuss before you get your hands dirty. For starters, if you recently came across fun DIY projects online, we’re here to tell you that some of these renovations aren’t possible and won’t save you money. If you’re not a professional, DIY projects can lead to terrifying problems. Below are five common home renovation myths and the truth behind them.

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Myth 1: You Save Money With DIY Projects

The truth is that a home suffers more damage when an inexperienced renovator tries to do something on his own. We get that you want to build your additional bedroom in the attic, but without proper assistance from a professional, your attic won’t look nice. 

For example, removing wood that holds the roof up can cause the ceiling to cave in, damaging the home. So, hire a professional contractor who can help design the layout, inspect the area, and help move things around before you damage your home. From our roofers in Cumming to our garage floor contractors, our pricing is fair and you will get excellent value.

Myth 2: You Can Add Any Remodel Onto the House

Sorry, but no! Adding on any remodel you want can brutally hurt the home’s property value if you alter the floorplan drastically. For example, installing a sunroom on the second floor comes off as odd, and it becomes a hassle for the next owner to remove.

By contacting a professional home renovation service like Bear Mountain Custom Painting, you will work with professionals who can help determine the best home remodel that can make a significant improvement on your home’s value. Don’t skimp on professional home renovation contractors; a home contractor positively influences your remodels.

Myth 3: A Home’s Value Increases, No Matter the Renovation

Again, the only way you can see an improvement in the value of your home is by working with professional home renovators who can help choose the best renovation.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting won’t let you down; we can help you pick the right project that creates a better floorplan and makes the neighbors interested in buying your home.

Myth 4: Expensive Trends and Materials Are Attractive

When redesigning a home, the wisest approach is to stick with the current style and add only minor additions. Many home buyers like to purchase homes that they can see themselves redoing again in the future, and conducting only small updates yourself makes that vision a reality.

If you want a better way to sell your home, consider improving the curb appeal by tidying up the landscape. Or work with our deck builders, or speak with us about a roof replacement so that you can invest in interesting materials there (wood shakes, fiber cement, and so forth).

Myth 5: You Don’t Need a Building Permit

Even if you’re redoing your driveway, you need to go through a permit process. Working without a permit can saddle you with a hefty fine. So, get a permit before you start.

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