2020 is a big year for various reasons. Not only is it the beginning of a new decade, but it’s also an opportunity to embrace the popular design changes coming to homes across the nation. However, this doesn’t just apply to your home’s interior. There are also several trending exterior house colors for 2020 that you should consider going into your renovation projects.

For the Front Door

Since the front door should be eye-catching and bold, it’s the perfect place to try out a new color scheme. Though in the past, homeowners have opted for a dark and neutral vibe for the door, it’s more common to see bright, vibrant colors donning the entryway. Yellows, oranges, and reds are particularly common, as they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For the Garage Door

In contrast to the front door, garage doors are seeing more of an emphasis on architectural design and color blending. Rather than going bright and bold, many are making their garage doors darker to draw attention to the rest of the home. For this purpose, hues such as dark blue, black, and natural green or brown are often the most effective.

For the Siding

The garage door isn’t the only area of the home going darker. In fact, darker colors are used more and more on home siding for their ability to add a personal touch to the architecture. This is especially the case for shades of blue and gray. Because dark colors do tend to be more of a personal preference, be sure to repaint with a lighter value if you plan on selling your home.

For Window Trims and Accents

If you ultimately decide to go with a darker color for your siding, make sure that you use a complementary color scheme for your exterior trims and accents. This will often mean choosing a lighter color to offset the siding’s darkness. For this reason, many homeowners choose to go with lighter blues or whites.

For assistance applying your colors of choice to your home, or even help choosing the colors themselves, reach out to Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Our home painting professionals in Cumming, Georgia, know the ins and outs of various trending color schemes and can provide you with insight into what colors best complement one another.