When homeowners think of the renovation season, the last time of year that typically comes to mind is winter. However, partaking in a renovation or two in the cold might not be as ineffective as it seems. This is especially the case for painting projects. In fact, you may prefer the cold weather—use these tips for painting your home’s interior in the winter.

Keep the Room at the Right Temperature

You should never apply paint in conditions below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because colder temperatures can prevent the paint from adhering properly to the wall, making it easier to chip, bubble, and flake down the line. Fortunately, many homeowners are more conscious of the temperatures in their homes around the winter season. This ensures the conditions remain warm and perfect for applying paint.

Take Control of Humidity Before Painting

Excessive humidity within a home can prevent paint from drying as quickly as it should. This also affects how the paint sticks to the walls and can reduce the stability of the finished product. Winters are known for having lowered humidity levels; however, it’s often best to play it safe by using a dehumidifier in the areas you want to paint.

Start Your Project Early in the Day

Thanks to the end of daylight savings, the sun rises earlier during the winter months. This extra amount of sunlight is essential for pulling off a painting project in an efficient manner. Since you’ll be able to start earlier in the day, you can make the most of your day as the paint dries in the sunlight.

Reach Out to Experienced Professionals

To those who haven’t done it before, painting your home in the winter can be a strange concept. It’s for this reason that you should consider hiring a professional painter if you’re unclear on how the process works. These experienced individuals are fully versed in the unique painting conditions winter poses and how to get you the best results in spite of them.

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