Things To Know Before Having Shiplap Installed

Shiplap sounds like a strange name for a type of wood paneling, and we understand your confusion and curiosity about it. Before we jump into telling you about the three things to know before having shiplap installed, you first need to know what shiplap is. So, what exactly is it?

What’s Shiplap, and Why Should I Consider it?

Research from a simple Google search shows that shiplap is a wooden board material often used to construct sheds, barns, and many other buildings. Typically, shiplap will have a rabbet or a groove that’s cut at the top and bottom. The track allows the pieces to fit snugly, which then forms a tight seal. This tight seal helps give the shiplap its familiar horizontal look. So, what about those three things to know before having shiplap installed? Read below for more information.

Shiplap Is Difficult To Identify

It seems surreal, but you can nail some simple wooden boards to the wall and call it shiplap. However, calling plain pieces of wood shiplap isn’t correct. The only way to tell if you have authentic shiplap is to focus on the grooves of the wood. If the tracks match up to create a firm fit, then it’s shiplap. The design helps differentiate them from other wood types and the tight fit helps you find those thin lines and horizontal look.

Damage Repair Is Difficult

Even with a tight fit, repairing any damage is difficult. To thoroughly repair any damage done to your walls, you’ll need to remove the boards to get to the damaged area. After removal, you’ll need to replace the entire panel again. Typically, removing and replacing is more of a concern for exterior use than the interior.

Shiplap Is Paintable

There are many ways to use shiplap, and one of the essential items on this list to know before you consider installing it is whether you can apply paint. Yes, you can paint over shiplap. Using interior house painting contractors through Bear Mountain Custom Painting will set you up with a world of freedom when painting your home. We’ve experience replacing and even painting over shiplap to help give your home a fresh makeover. We’ll make your shiplap as vibrant as you’d like or as bold as you want to go.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting knows your concerns, and we understand the complicated process of picking the right wood paneling to paint over. After thinking over the things you’d like to know about shiplap before installing it, you’ll be ready to contact one of our associates to assist you further. Consider these three things before you paint over and install shiplap in Cumming, GA.