The Best Season to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior of your house is what sets it apart from your neighbors’ homes. The interior is essential, but the surface of your home also matters. This is because the environment is unpredictable, and temperatures might not be suitable in a particular season. No matter what season you paint your exterior, there isn’t such a thing as the best time to paint. The time of year doesn’t matter, as long as the best season to paint your home’s exterior is the right fit for you.

Painting in the Fall

As the weather becomes a little chillier, you might consider doing a quick paint job before the weather gets crisp and dry. Depending on where you reside, you might think fall isn’t a good season to paint because of the high temperatures it may have in the beginning. However, this isn’t true.

Fall might be the right season for you since paint can dry quickly in comfortable and leveled temperatures that dip into the mid-50s to the low 40s in the evenings. With that said, consider the first few weeks of early fall to get your exterior siding paint job done.

Painting in the Winter

You may consider winter as the best season, but it can often lead to significant difficulties in other parts of the country. Though, as paint quality improves, you’ll begin to see that minimum temperature requirements increase. Many modern formulas have made it easy to paint in temperatures below 50 degrees. Painting in the winter means that people in southern states can paint well through December and January.

Painting in the Summer

When considering the best season to paint your home’s exterior, you may have heard that summer is the best, as there are more reasons to get out and enjoy the weather. Aside from the fact that many people take some time off from work during this time, the paint curing rate is faster. This increase is due to the warm temperatures. The lifespan and quality of your exterior paint will last a long time when you apply it during this season. Since summer has plenty of rain-free days, you won’t risk having any issues later on.

Painting in the Spring

Spring might be the best season for painting, although it has its moments of unpredictable weather. However, you have the option of being the first to know about significant savings and deals on paint and even our painting services at Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Depending on the exterior side you want to paint, you’ll appreciate the mild temperatures and decreased foliage when setting up to paint.

Painting your home’s exterior is a fun process that Bear Mountain Custom Painting can tackle at any time of year. One season might fit into your schedule better. So, whenever you need home exterior painting in Atlanta, Bear Mountain Custom Painting can help you. We’ll deliver exceptional painting services during your season of choice.