Things To Consider Before Getting New Siding

You can pick your dream home, but you might need extra help selecting the right siding. If refreshing your home is at the top of your list, you might want to update your home’s siding. Don’t start ripping the cladding off yet—find out what you need to consider before getting new siding.

Look for Signs of Damage

Before making any changes to your home, it’s essential to look for signs of damage. Doing so will give more reasons to get something new or replaced. If you don’t know the tell-tale signs of siding damage, here’s a brief overview of what to look for:

  • Holes
  • Wood rot
  • Warping or cracking
  • Poor insulation

These issues are essential to know so you can take care of your home’s siding. The exterior walls do more than boost your curb appeal—they keep the home safe from outdoor elements. Keep yourself safe from the outdoors by scheduling an inspection with a professional siding specialist.

Understand Your Siding Choices

Updating your home is exciting, but you need to know your options before making a decision. This includes the benefits of each siding choice. Just because your home needs new siding doesn’t mean you can’t pick something that fits your style.

How To Pick the Right Siding for Your House

The right siding for your home starts with your vision. Pay attention to the cost per square foot, weather resistance, and maintenance needs when evaluating your choices. These factors can alter your options.

We recommend the following siding types:

  • Brick
  • Vinyl
  • Stucco
  • Shiplap

It’s okay if you don’t know what to pick—your concern could be choosing the best color. To find the right cladding shade for your home, here’s what you should do:

  • Explore the neighborhood and see what colors are popular.
  • Observe your home’s exterior elements, such as the roof and front door.
  • Learn about your home’s style. A Victorian home looks great with bold colors and textures.

Know the Cost of New Siding

It’s essential to know how much new siding costs. If you pick something that is too high-maintenance, you’re going to need to put more money aside for frequent upkeep. Make a list of the cladding you’d like and write out the different benefits of each one, their drawbacks, and how much they cost per square foot.

Here are tips to follow for budgeting new siding:

  • Sort through your options.
  • Seek financial advice.
  • Always work with a professional.

Whether you’re updating your home for fun or to boost resale value, a guide filled with things to consider before getting new siding can help you make the right choices. If you need siding professionally installed, contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We offer homeowners high-quality home siding installation services in Cumming, GA. We can’t wait to assist your home improvement journey!