Popular Exterior House Colors To Consider Next Year

With the New Year quickly approaching, now’s the time to look over the most popular exterior house colors and create a list of what to consider next year. Take a look at our favorite picks for paint colors and siding styles you should think about trying on your home’s exterior.


Regular wood attracts termites and other gross insects—ditch wood for something similar, such as siding that resembles authentic wood. You can still pull off your mid-century style home or cabin with siding that looks close to wood.

Wood-style paneling is better than normal wood, as it doesn’t warp, and there are no insects to fret over. Add in stainless steel metal banister systems to accentuate the wood look more. Stainless steel makes a home feel more modern.

Caramelized Pear

You don’t want your home to look like an orange, but you don’t like the lemon look either, so what warm tone do you pick? Go for caramelized pear paint! Caramelized pear is the most neutral tone between yellow and orange—it highlights your home’s most necessary parts, including youthfulness, joy, and energy—which every homeowner loves.

You can balance this color with white windowpanes and gray or brown roof tiles. These small changes will give your home the “main street” look.

Combined Colors

The earthier, the better! Between now and next year, there will be a significant rise in two-toned combos, such as green and brown. The best way to achieve this look—without sacrificing style—is to divide it up geometrically.

You can use separations to help balance the colors out well. Vertical parts could pull the entire house together even more by providing a better balance between the two-toned colors.

Burgundy Red

Consider taking the traditional red many people use on barns and splashing it onto your home in a different hue. Give your home a bold statement by choosing burgundy red as your next exterior color to enter the New Year with.

Burgundy red is a beautiful color that fits into any season, home style, and general mood a homeowner is trying to portray. Burgundy red is a fantastic color choice because it represents strength, longevity, and durability—which a home buyer would want to invest in. Like the other popular exterior house colors to consider next year, we think burgundy red is one of the best choices for homeowners looking for something refreshing.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting is all about the latest painting trends, and we want to help you find a color that matches your personality and mood. Contact us to learn more about the best paint colors for your home from our professional exterior house painters.