The Importance of Cleaning Your Home Gutter System

Though it might not be the most fun home maintenance project to complete, cleaning your gutters is an essential part of keeping your home protected. Heavy rains, particularly in flood-prone areas, run the risk of damaging your foundation, infiltrating your home, and leaving you with ruined possessions and expensive damage. This is why, despite the inconvenience it might present, taking note of the importance of cleaning your home gutter system can keep your home safe.

Overall Gutter Performance

Just like any other piece of home equipment, your gutters won’t work as effectively as they should if you don’t take care of them. From fallen leaves to nesting material and other gunk, a lot of debris can make its way into your gutter system. As your gutters fill, it becomes increasingly difficult for water to flow through them as they direct the rainfall away from your home’s foundation. This prevents your gutter from performing the job they were made to do and greatly increases your chances of a flood.

Damage Prevention

The importance of cleaning your home gutter system is also clear when you think about the amount of damage your home could sustain from storms. Without the help of fully functioning gutters, standing water can begin to seep through the roof and foundation of your home. This weakens it and makes it susceptible to further weather damage. If you allow it to infiltrate your home, this water can spark the growth of mold and other organisms that will require deep cleanings to remove. Taking care of your gutters is key to preventing this damage from occurring in the first place.

Pest Protection

As the water sitting near your foundation begins to make entryways into your home, it also provides pests with places to gain access. Once the foundation cracks, insects and rodents alike take the opportunity to squeeze into the openings in search of shelter and food. If you don’t know that this is occurring, it can quickly spiral into a full-fledged infestation that will be expensive to correct. Since getting rid of pests can be a tedious process, the best way to avoid this is to seal openings and keep water from reopening them.

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