When it comes to amplifying the architecture and charm of a home, nothing has quite the impact as a new set of windows. At first glance, all windows may seem the same, but each type has its own specific uses that affect a home in different ways. In fact, the window models a homeowner ultimately chooses can add a unique level of personality, functionality, and even practicality to their lifestyle. If you’re looking to replace your current windows, make sure to learn more about the different types of home windows you can choose from.

Single- and Double-Hung Windows
The most common types of windows found in the average home, single- and double-hung windows are characterized by two stacking panes that overlap when moved. With single-hung windows, the bottom pane is the only one that moves upward, blocking the upper pane as it does so. With double-hung windows, on the other hand, both panes can move. This means that the top panel can also move down to block the bottom one. This offers better ventilation and easier access for cleaning and maintenance over time. Regardless of which type you pick, your home will acquire a classic look with natural airflow.

Awning, Hopper, or Casement Windows
Awning, hopper, and casement windows are all models that open using pivot points on one side of the frame. Awning windows open outward from the bottom, creating a water-resistant awning during rainstorms. Conversely, hopper windows open inward from the top. They’re commonly found in basements or bathrooms, as their design makes ventilation easier. Casement windows, however, are a bit different. Though they open on a hinge like the other models, they open from the side and usually with some form of crank or operating mechanism. All of these types of windows have thick frames that provide effective insulation from the potentially harmful elements.

Picture Windows
If you want to let light into your home and enjoy the beautiful landscape of your yard, then picture windows are probably the best option for you. Unhindered by thick frames and unsightly hinges, these windows provide you with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding sights while protecting your home from the outside world. As breathtaking as these windows can be in your home, however, it’s also important to remember they aren’t typically the most solid choice. If you live in an area that suffers from heavy storms, you may need to deal with occasionally replacing broken or chipped glass. Don’t let this stop you, though, as these windows can be the perfect touch to a home in areas with milder climates.

Bay or Bow Windows
Another type of home window that provides you with stunning views is bay, or bow, windows. These windows protrude from one of your home’s base walls, creating a small ledge or shelf where they stick out. This extra room makes a large difference in homes with a limited amount of space, and the three angled panes make it easy for you to see your entire property. In addition, they also give your home a bit more architectural appeal and create a focal interest point for you to display décor. Since bay and bow windows open from at least two different angles, they can be great additions for people wanting cross-ventilation in certain rooms.

Slider Windows
Installed along a track, these windows slide open to the side rather than open along a hinge. They’re most commonly used in modern or contemporary-style homes, and they offer clear views and plentiful ventilation. However, because of the track they’re positioned on, they aren’t as airtight as other models and can let in moisture. As such, slider windows are typically the best fit in utility rooms, basements, and low-grade bedrooms. Though they aren’t the most secure choice, they do make up for it in cost-effectiveness. Slider windows are common choices among homeowners looking to save a bit of cash on their renovation projects.

Storm Windows
Sturdy and efficient storm windows are always great options for people wishing to protect their homes from harsh local weather conditions. Providing an extra layer of insulation along with strengthened glass, they’re very good at keeping out drafts, preventing heat loss, and, ultimately, saving you money. They’re also incredibly easy to install. In fact, they’ll fit perfectly into your existing window frames, making the process painless and fast. However, it’s important to note that these windows do tend to be more on the expensive side. Carefully consider your budget and the severe weather in your area to decide whether the investment is worth it.

Round Windows
If you’re looking for something more decorative rather than traditional, round windows can certainly fulfill your wish. For starters, these windows work with your existing architecture to create a unique look for your home. Available in a variety of designs and shapes, including circle, half-circle, elliptical, and oval, round windows give you the power to dictate your home’s style. With these options, you can control how much light you let into your home as well as what sections of the room you want to highlight. These windows also give your space a bit of antique Victorian or Gothic appeal, as their design is similar to other structures of those eras.

Skylight Windows
Skylight windows provide you with another means to bring more natural light into your home. They’re especially useful in homes with limited exterior wall space, as they install into the ceiling as a vent would. In addition to extra ventilation and light, skylight windows also offer a luxury, high-class look that automatically adds another layer of sophistication to your overall design. However, it’s recommended that you use these widows in specific rooms to avoid oversaturating the home with light. Some rooms in which they’re most commonly used include bathrooms and living rooms.

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