The Benefits of Installing New Exterior Doors

From keeping the outside world at bay to making our homes look fantastic, our exterior doors have several essential functions. However, even the best door models can deteriorate with prolonged exposure to the elements and need to be replaced. In fact, regardless of whether your door has sustained damage or not, it’s recommended that you install a new one every several years to be safe. These are some of the benefits of installing new exterior doors and why you shouldn’t wait to get this project done.

Increased Home Security

Though exterior doors are made to be strong and durable, they can’t last forever. As the years roll by, the stress that the outside environment puts on your door slowly wears away at the solid materials and causes structural damage. With a weakened door, your home is more vulnerable to things like pest infestations and break-ins. So, by installing a brand-new exterior door, you’re reinforcing your home’s defenses and protecting yourself.

Additional Insulation

Modern exterior doors also provide more insulation for the home’s interior. A few decades ago, it was common for doors to be made exclusively of solid materials such as wood or steel. While sturdy, these resources didn’t trap climate-controlled air very well and would develop heavy drafts. Newer models, on the other hand, have a layer of polyurethane foam pressed between strips of solid material. These extra layers form a barrier that prevents the indoor air from escaping through the porous wood surface. This prevents those annoying drafts from forming and can even save you a bit of cash on your next utility bill.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Another noteworthy benefit of installing new exterior doors is the fresh, revitalized look they give to your home. Curb appeal is one of the most important contributing factors to overall home value. As such, maintaining the look of the property is just as important as maintaining its functionality. Since the front door is also the first thing that visitors will see when they walk up to your home, it’s the perfect place to make a good first impression. Best of all, these doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs to fit with any existing home design.

At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we believe that every home renovation, no matter how small, is a stepping stone to creating your dream home. Because of this, we offer a multitude of services to best accommodate each homeowner’s needs. Whether it’s exterior or interior painting or door installation in Cumming, GA, we want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your renovation experience.