Signs You Need a New Entry Door

We think of our front doors as strong blockades against the outside world’s dangers. Once we get inside and lock it behind us, our previous worries seem to melt away in the realization that we’re finally home. However, even the strongest of front doors don’t last forever, and it’s up to us as homeowners to notice when their time is up. So, to keep you and your family protected and secure, make sure you’re aware of the signs you need a new entry door.

Visible Damage

No matter how sturdy a door is, it still has the potential to sustain various damages throughout its years of exposure to the elements. This could be in the form of scratches, cracks, and even faded paint, depending on the type of stress it’s regularly exposed to. Additionally, if you live in a damp area, your door could also begin warping as the wooden frame gets weakened by the moisture.

Squeaking or Sticking

Over time, you could also notice that your door begins squeaking when it’s moved or sticking to the frame when you try to open it. Even if you don’t realize it initially, these are signs that the door isn’t sitting right in the frame anymore and that it isn’t properly opening or closing. This means that the door itself has either warped or it’s no longer strong enough to maintain its secure position.

Drafts or an Increasing Energy Bill

Your door might also need to be replaced if you’re experiencing frequent drafts. Drafts begin to form when your door is no longer sitting flush against its frames, allowing excess air from the outside in as a result. This can significantly affect your home’s internal temperature and impact how comfortable you are. Additionally, even if you don’t notice the draft itself, you may find your energy bill rising as your thermostat tries to compensate for the fluctuating climate.

Noticeable Moisture Near the Door

Excessive moisture isn’t good for any part of your home, but it’s especially harmful to your wooden doors. A fluctuation of temperatures can cause condensation to build between the panes of glass in the door as well as in the wood itself. This makes it susceptible to things like wood rot and mold that can weaken the door’s overall structure. So, if you notice moisture building around that area, it could be a sign of other problems to come.

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