As spring blooms before us, you may find that the exterior of your home needs a new coat of paint to liven it up for the season. But though April showers bring May flowers, the rain may not mean such pleasant things for your home improvement endeavors. Knowing how the spring weather impacts exterior painting projects is key to a successful renovation.

Water and Moisture

You obviously shouldn’t paint the exterior of your home while it’s raining, but you should also be wary of painting after a rainfall. Surfaces may still be damp after a rain shower, and the paint won’t go on smoothly if the surface isn’t fully dry. If you apply paint to a wet surface, you can expect to see frequent flaking, cracking, and even blistering of the coat you worked so hard to paint onto your home.

Extreme Temperatures

The extreme heat can be bad for you—and it can also be bad for your paint job. Applying paint in hot weather can cause the paint to dry too quickly. The paint won’t have enough time to spread into the crevasses of your home, resulting in cracking and chipping. The hot weather can also dry out the paint on your brushes and rollers, causing it to harden.

Cold weather can be just as damaging. According to The Balance Small Business, “cold weather slows drying time and extends recoat times. Recoat time using latex paints at 75 degrees Fahrenheit requires a period of four hours. If the temperature drops to 50 degrees, the recoat time will be extended to six hours.” Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the temperature when you’re about to begin a project, as it could affect the project’s timeline.


Like an extremely hot day, direct sunlight can also dry out your paint too quickly—though it happens for a different reason. Direct sunlight can break down the binding agents and pigments in the paint you’re using. Over time, this can make the paint less durable and even more susceptible to the elements. Too much sun exposure can ultimately cause the paint to prematurely deteriorate, resulting in chalking, fading, and even erosion.

If you’re still unsure whether the conditions are right for painting your Atlanta home, Bear Mountain Custom Painting’s trained professionals will be able to give you more answers. After assessing the weather conditions, we’ll make sure your exterior painting project is a successful endeavor.

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