No matter how well we treat our homes, it’s still possible for the elements to wear away at our defenses and damage our wooden architecture. When our wooden accents are damaged, they are susceptible to rot and can further deteriorate. As a result, the wood becomes structurally unstable and can cause additional problems. To keep your home pristine and safe, learn how to properly identify wood rot on your home.


One of the most common signs of rotten wood is visible damage. If the wood is splintered or chipped, it’s easier for moisture to work its way in and soften the wood. Over time, this moisture reacts with bacteria and grows into rot. For this reason, it’s best to catch these damaged areas early and repair them before the elements make matters worse.


Though damage is a great way to identify a threat, it’s important to note that there won’t always be visible signs of rot. Sometimes, moisture is already present within the wood and can slowly deteriorate the internal fibers. While this doesn’t leave any visible outer damage, this process can turn the section a brown-black color, which indicates that its time to replace the wood.


As the wood weakens, the overall structure of the section can also change. It often becomes soft to the touch and unstable when under stress. Be sure to test any seemingly rotten spots with a bit of weight, and prod them with a screwdriver to determine softness. If the tip of the tool leaves indents within the wood, it’s too soft.


Rotten wood can warp and obtain a different texture. This can often be a sign of rot as well as fungus growth. It’s crucial that you periodically compare the wood segments along your home to check for any anomalies in texture. When spotted, it’s usually best to replace the infected sections rather than repair them.

If present, wood rot is a problem; it’s crucial to hire a trusted professional for the best possible results. Reach out to Bear Mountain Custom Painting to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our qualified carpenters in Cumming, GA are top-notch and speedy, so you can live in your home worry-free.