How To Cover Dark Paint With a Lighter Color

Dark colors aren’t a poor choice for your home’s walls, and they can fit any personality or home décor theme. However, if dark colors get you down or you want something to bring more natural light in, you should learn how to cover dark paint with a lighter color.

Choose Your Paint Color Wisely

When covering up any portion of dark paint, the color you pick makes a huge difference in how the paint job turns out. We recommend going with a shade at least two to three tones lighter than the current wall. If you choose something too light, such as a yellow, your contrasting won’t look sharp. Consider your choice of paint before you start covering the original color.

Prep the Surface Area Thoroughly

Don’t leave any space untouched. If one area has even a speck of dust, it can throw off your entire effect. Also, as you transition from dark to light, the light paint makes it apparent that your walls are dirty, and you’ll need to chip the paint to get any remaining dirt or mildew out.

If you want to prep properly, first clean your surface area with a lathered soapy washcloth and wash away any stains, grease, dust, and mildew. Next, use a scraper or sandpaper to strip away peeling or bubbling paint. Also, cover holes and cracks with spackle.

Prime the Area

Priming your wall is an important step, as it helps cover old paint and prevent stains from bleeding through to the new coat of paint. Also, without a primer, the paint won’t stick well. So, use a primer to keep the surface area smooth.

Once you’ve applied the primer, allow the area to dry. Then, place a coat of white stain-blocking primer on the wall before you get started. If you want to block more stains out, put a little bit of primer into some paint. If you’re at the store, ask one of the workers to tint the color for you.

Use High-Quality Paint

If you’re looking for another way to paint your walls, such as DIYing, then you’re doing more work than you need to. Instead of going in the DIY route, spend a little more on a higher quality color compared to other paints. By using high-quality paint, you won’t have to go to the store five times throughout the day to purchase more paint.

Painting walls is hard enough but painting light colors over a dark color is another task entirely. Aside from doing the job yourself, you can reach out to Bear Mountain Custom Painting, where we have many of the best interior home painters in Cumming, GA.

After reading how to cover dark paint with a lighter color, make sure to contact us for more information on our services—ranging from interior painting to help planning out a skylight. Our serious painters don’t leave a single wall unmarked.