4 Must-Know Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Prepping the home for winter is a task that’s hard to accomplish, especially since winter appears out of nowhere. From the kids taking off for winter break and the holidays creeping up on us, we forget to administer checks to ensure that the house is ready for the first snowfall of the year. So here’s our guide on the four must-know tips for winterizing your home.

Inspect the Gutters

Inspecting the gutters is a task that should be done at least three times a year, especially for cleaning. As you clean them out, you’re preventing debris from clogging your drains and long icicles from hanging from your roof.

While you’re maintaining the gutters, install a gutter guard to prevent water from spilling over and freezing.

Test the Detectors

The most dangerous part of winter is that house fires can break out. At times it’s due to cluttered and overcrowded spaces, creating a fire hazard. Other times, someone left the fireplace going, or didn’t blow out a candle. Either way, checking your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors can help save you and your family from a disaster.

Inspect and Change Your Doors and Windows

If you’re considering changing your doors and windows before winter, now’s the perfect time to hire a company for a quick window and door replacement in Cumming, GA. Bear Mountain Custom Painting can easily replace all of your doors and windows for better insulation and improved curb appeal.

Most importantly, having the ability to save on energy and keep your home insulated are the main reasons to get new doors and windows for your home.

Check Your Thermostat

To help keep your home warm, you need a thermostat. If yours is old and undependable, it’s time to go out and purchase a new one. Having a thermostat can help keep the home at a stable temperature.

Additionally, go with a digital thermostat; that way, you can control it with a smartphone or tablet. Most thermostats also have weekend and vacation settings.

After reading our must-know tips for winterizing your home, start making changes and checking areas that can cause flooding and ruin your home’s foundation. After confirming that all is well, your home’s ready to take on winter.

For more information on door and window replacement services, contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Our services range from replacing doors and windows for energy savings to placing shiplap on your walls; we can provide your project with exemplary service and guarantee that with every service completed, your home’s ready for the first snowfall down to the last.