Your home’s exterior color scheme can play a role in more than just making it look nice. From changing our everyday attitudes to helping visitors feel at ease within our walls, color can create the perfect atmosphere for a home. But that’s not all—color can also help us control the overall climate in our homes and keep us comfortable. When choosing a new color scheme, take into account how paint color affects a home’s energy efficiency.

Dark Versus Light

Whether you’re repainting your siding or your roof, the exterior colors on your home can play a major role in your comfort throughout the day. As you choose the right color for you, remember that darker colors tend to absorb heat from the sun while lighter colors can reflect it away from the home. This is important as it can determine how warm or cool your home stays and it’s crucial that you consider your local weather when making that decision.

For those who live in an area that gets more sun and heat, it’s typically more energy efficient to use lighter colors. In doing so, the exterior siding and roof will be able to reflect the heat and make it easier to keep your home cool. If you live in a cooler area on the other hand, then you may want to consider a darker color. Since deeper-colored paint can absorb up to 90 percent of the sun’s energy, this is an effective way to trap the additional heat in your home. As a result, you can save a decent amount of money that would’ve gone towards maintaining the home’s temperature.

Safe Options

Though these facts are good to keep in mind, not everyone lives in a polarized climate. As such, it’s important to consider what kind of weather patterns your area typically sees and how you can best accommodate that. For those that experience all four seasons, the answer might be to use a balanced color scheme. Pairing neutral colors such as white, light grey, or beige with darker or lighter accents will allow you to personalize the color’s effects on what you need. While the neutrals mostly reflect the sun, your darker accents still can absorb enough to save energy throughout the winter.

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