Every house needs work done to it at some point, and many homeowners struggle with deciding how to go about it. They can always take on the work themselves, but the best results and highest efficiency usually comes from a professional paint contractor. However, not every contractor is the right one for your home. Be sure to make note of these questions to ask a paint contractor to learn as much as you can about them.

1. Is the Contractor Licensed?
If your contractor is as reputable as they say they are, they should be licensed by the state to work on home projects. This license guarantees that the contractor meets the state’s standards and basic qualifications and requires them to maintain those standards during every job. If their quality of service were to drop, they would run the risk of losing their license.

2. What Services Does the Company Offer?

Many painting contractors obviously specialize in painting projects, but they may also offer additional services for improving other areas of the home—they can help with everything from small tasks to larger renovations that can increase your home’s value.

3. Do They Offer a Warranty and Are They Insured?

Licensed contractors generally offer warranties for their work to ensure that the results remain high-quality, but double-checking the coverage is still important. It’s also beneficial to ask whether the company is insured to further ensure you’re protected from possible damage.

4. Can the Company Provide References?

Before you hire a contractor, make sure their past clients were satisfied with the work. Getting other opinions and looking through a portfolio of their work will give you an accurate idea of what kind of work they can do for you.

5. What Kind of Materials Do You Use?

Knowing whether the materials used are VOC-free or sustainable could greatly influence your decision to work with the contractor. Their knowledge of how to use those materials is also important. For instance, they should know that oil-based paints should be applied in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit so that they cure properly, while water-based paints need a temperature of at least 50 degrees.

6. How Much Will the Job Cost?

Though the results are quality, hiring a contractor can be expensive. Therefore, you should know how much you’ll be paying before you agree to the project. This will ensure that you don’t end up paying more than your financial situation allows.

7. How Long Will the Job Take?

Getting an idea of how long the project will take will help you organize your schedule accordingly and give you an idea of when you can get your household back in working order.

8. Who Can I Call if I Have Any Questions?

If you have additional questions after the start of your project, you’ll want to know how to get them answered. Upon communicating with a contractor, be sure to request the contact information of someone who can answer these questions so that you can remain aware of the project’s status.

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