What’s the Best Type of Siding for Your Home?

Trying to find the best siding to put on your home can be tricky. But the best type is one with an admirable style and excellent functional benefits. Instead of worrying about the brand name, you should start thinking about the manufacturing of the siding material before buying.

Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners enjoy vinyl’s look and affordability. Vinyl is a high-quality plastic that’s water resistant, and its color is in the material rather than painted on. For the most part, you can expect to pay a reasonable price for this material.

Vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance, as you can clean it with a hose without worrying about chipping paint. It’s a low-cost choice, but there are other options to consider for different looks.

Stone Veneer

Vinyl may not give tones of personality to a house, but stone veneer might. It doesn’t introduce a pop of color, but stone veneer does have a unique character in some ways. Generally, people have used stone for thousands of years, which shows it doesn’t go out of style. It only needs modifications to appear modern.

You can also go for a veneer that’s actually faux stone if you don’t want to use natural rock. The appeal of stone veneer comes from its sleek appearance. It doesn’t necessarily teleport you back in time, but it creates a timeless impression that lasts a long time.

If you aim to have faux stone veneer, you should know that this material is often cement that the manufacturer dyes another color to make it appear like authentic stone. Overall, both natural and faux stone sidings cost more than vinyl. So talk to a siding contractor in Cumming, GA about this style choice before committing to it.

Traditional Wood

Wood also proudly takes the title of being the most used siding material in the world. Wood’s a great material to use for a homey, natural appearance. If your house is rustic, it will look more appealing with wood cladding.

Like stone, wood’s also versatile in color. You can have it painted or stained. Furthermore, it’s affordable, though you should maintain it by reapplying paint or stains about once every 5 to 10 years. You need to attend to it more often, as it’s prone to warping from moisture and deteriorating due to wood-eating organisms like termites.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement’s a cladding most common on modern homes. For that reason, you may see it more in and around cities. Cement in this style lasts a long time and doesn’t need much work. However, this cement type isn’t reminiscent of the standard concrete you’re used to—it appears more like a wood’s surface.

Keep yourself informed on the best siding choices that fit your home without worrying about the brand name.

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