Ways to Give the Gift of Home Renovation

Even if we can’t invite TV professionals over for a surprise home renovation for a friend or family member, we can still do our best to give them the remodel of their dreams through these creative ways to give the gift of home renovation.

Of course, if you know someone who could use our services, we always appreciate a referral. We offer the following, among many others:

Gift a Gift Card

In this instance, gift cards may be more thoughts than other types of gifts. If they are doing the renovations themselves, a gift card to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, or perhaps a lighting fixture store in the area could help them out. A more casual gift card might be something from Pottery Barn, a local art dealer, or something else.

You obviously can’t buy someone a couch, painting (usually – unless you know their taste), or set of windows, since those purchases are extremely personal.

Gift a Design Service

Your loved one might not have the money to finish their kitchen the rest of the year due to cuts in the budget. If you want to see them make their way to the kitchen Christmas morning with a big smile on their face while sipping their morning coffee, hire a design service that can finish the job.

Our interior painting contractors in Cumming can put the finishing touches on a kitchen or living room remodel. Bear Mountain Custom Painting can help get other bigger projects done, especially if you are building an addition.

Gift Your Time

Before beginning a project, some other repairs may need to be finished, such as plumbing and replacing floor tiles. These tasks eat up time and sometime lead to discovering other problems that the budget will need to cover.

Dedicate some time this holiday season to fixing those pesky problems that deter a friend or family member from finishing their home improvement project. Making a minor plumbing fix can help save time and money.

Is It Appropriate To Gift Tools to Home Renovators?

If you know the person well, or if they have specifically mentioned a tool they would like to have, feel free to give them a tool (or buy a gift card to a store that has it). They probably have a hammer and level, but perhaps they have been holding out on a high-powered drill, new circular saw, or something else.

Gift Pre-Paid Material or Magazines

Has your friend been eyeing specific flooring from a high-end store or maybe new windows to save on energy? If so, then buy the materials and gift them; that way, they can finish their home remodel project.

For those still deciding on designs and styles, the gift of a magazine subscription can help them get inspired for their new home transformation.

Every home project comes with challenges and so does holiday shopping. However, these ways to give the gift of home renovation are the solution to both challenges! Have fun completing your holiday shopping with the gift of home improvement.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting offers many services that make excellent gifts for the holidays, from interior home painting to window installation in Cumming, GA, and more. In addition to those service, we are the go-to concrete coating company in Cumming, GA. Contact us to learn more.