Roof Windows vs. Skylights: Which Are Better?

Which window type should you be installing? That’s the question you want us to answer; however, there are factors to consider, like knowing the difference between roof windows and skylights, including each item’s pros and cons. Understanding the pros and cons can help answer the question, “Are roof windows or skylights better?”

The Difference Between Roof Windows and Skylights

The essential part of this discussion is the difference between skylights and roof windows. By knowing which is which, you can better judge what window works for you. So what’s the difference between both?


The main difference between both styles of windows is that a skylight is a fixed frame of glass that’s unopenable. This frame style’s popularity revolves around its ability to pour in natural light. You might hear window installers refer to this window as not vented or non-powered skylights.

Roof Windows

A roof window is a type that you can open for ventilation. Like the skylight, it brings in natural light with the advantage of adequately circulating air. Window installers usually call this window type a dormer.

The Pros and Cons of Skylights

Skylights are nice features, but they have their pros and cons. Here’s what to know before deciding to put in a skylight.

Skylights bring in more light to dark spaces. Since the sun doesn’t hit every part of the house, these fixed window types assist in bringing natural light to a room, even ones with no other windows. Skylights have cons as well; while this window adds style, you should be concerned about interior damage.

The damage sometimes happens from improper installation or poorly made panes. A proper, sturdy skylight is made with a low-e coating that protects the home from UV rays and heat damage.

The Pros and Cons of Roof Windows

When deciding between roof windows and skylights, you need to consider both pros and cons. One pro is ventilation. A dome window allows the user to ventilate indoor air properly. One con to think about is random placement. While you might think installing a window above the bed is a good idea, it’s best to consult a professional window installer first to get a second opinion.

While deciding on what window style to pick for your roof, consider getting a professional opinion from a home window and door replacement provider. Bear Mountain Custom Painting offers professional feedback for its customers and will help you find the best window to accentuate the room and bring in more natural light. Contact us for a quote today.