You know very well that exposed brick can age quickly. However, if you want to reduce maintenance for the exterior of your brick home, then you may want to look into limewash painters in Cumming, GA.

What is Limewash and Its History?

Wait—what is limewashing? Glad you asked! Here’s a quick history on the method of limewashing.

Limewashing involves painting a home with natural limestone mineral. An old practice going back to ancient Roman times, limewashing restores the natural pigment of brick walls. The surface resembles suede after application.

This process is environmentally friendly and useful for both indoor and outdoor brick surfaces.

If you’re still wondering what limewashing is, limewash is simply a mixture of crushed limestone and water, which forms into a putty. The putty is used to restore the color in brick walls. The practice is perfect if you’re searching for a new maintenance method to try out for your brick surfaces.

Our Professional Limewashing Services in Cumming ,GA

As most people who attempt to take on a limewashing project come to find out, there is a bit of a downside to painting with this mineral paint. Without prior experience and practice, using limewash can be extremely difficult, especially since the most important part is getting the solution right. When mixed correctly, the solution should have the consistency of whole milk. Often, though, people will make their mixture too thick, which will leave walls looking like a gloopy mess. Then the solution will need to be removed, and you’ll have to start all over—at that point, you could probably just use some professional help. Luckily, that’s where Bear Mountain Custom Painting can help. Our staff has years of experience providing professional home interior limewash painting services with flawless results.

Why Limewashing Is Good

You care about your home, and we want to provide the best services to you, including limewashing your interior and exterior. If you’re still skeptical, we promise that after finding out the extraordinary benefits of hiring a limewash service expert, you’re going to want to know more about our exterior limewash.

When you schedule limewash experts to do your home, you can appreciate the new life limewashing breathes into your building.

We know you’re stoked to try out our limewash service experts. Before you schedule anything, we highly encourage you to reach out to us with any questions about limewash experts in Cumming, GA, or the surrounding area. With many years of experience and a great love of limewash, you can count on us to restore your exterior brick walls. Feel free to call us at 678-455-2887, or request a quote to learn more about pricing and the benefits of limewashing.