How to Transition From One Décor Style to Another

We understand that your taste in home décor may have suddenly switched. Sometimes it’s due to the approach of a new season or a preferential change of scenery. No matter the reason, you want to switch up your style and change your home décor. Instead of rotating furniture around the room to make it feel a bit different, find out how to transition from one décor style to another.

Transition in Style: Focus on What You’re Looking For

What style is your heart after this time? Perhaps it’s rustic and cozy, or maybe modern and urban. Or classic and tasteful. Whatever the style, it all comes down to figuring out the right pieces to use. For walls in your home, you may consider hiring interior house painters in Cumming, GA to help spruce up your home with an array of options, from the boldest blues to the prettiest pinks.

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Transition in Style: Start at Square One

Don’t skip any steps until you removed all the items in the room. Once everything is removed—and we recommend doing this one at a time to get a better visual—you’ll have a clearer idea of what to put in the room. If you plan on keeping specific items, like a chair, couch, or table, add that into the new perspective of your upgraded space.

While everything’s out of the room, insert some items again to add more depth to your vision. Was the couch at an angle? Move it forward more to make the room appear bigger. Are you tired of white walls? Maybe you need a splash of warmer tones to help the ambiance of the room. If you’re bored of the same paint style, consider trying out spray paint to change the colors of different décor pieces you have lying around.

Transition in Style: Show Off Those DIY Skills

Even if you aren’t a DIY pro, it’ll help to have an open mind when it comes to creating something new. Get your friends and family engaged and ready to have fun redecorating your space. Don’t leave a corner untouched; you’ll notice that every detail is important once you have completely gutted the room and repurposed it.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting is happy to get in on the fun as well. Crack out those paintbrushes and canvas sets and start creating. If you need any help with painting frames or finding the best palette selection for your home’s interior, look no further than Bear Mountain Custom Painting.

Transition in Style: Purchase Items One at a Time

Whatever the item, don’t purchase it yet: we still have a room that is currently in transition. The best way to know how to transition from one décor style to another sufficiently is to add on as little as possible. Even with a big budget to utilize, you still want to buy items one at a time. Buying too much can lead to hoarding tendencies and accidentally clashing more than one style.

Fortunately, some apps can help show you what an item would look like in an empty room. Also, when using apps like this, make sure to try various things before selecting any. If you like to shop for good bargains, hit up local second-hand shops to purchase gently used pieces of furniture and décor.

Transition in Style: Live By the 80/20 Rule

If you’re a fan of more than one style, then this rule is for you. When styling your home, sometimes it’s appropriate to mix and match styles to fit a particular look. However, don’t match Victorian with Arts and Crafts style décor: focus on mixing and matching in similar eras instead of clashing styles.

When it comes to wood, it’s okay to pair them with rugs to help make the color of the panels pop. When following the 80/20 rule, make sure you rejuvenate any neutral tones with new paint. Adding specks of popping colors on different items, like pictures, vases, and pillows will help make the room stand out and transform its aura.

Don’t stay neutral the entire time—add bold color. If you have mostly ceiling light fixtures in your room, add a small part—about twenty percent of the space—of decorative lightings like table lamps and library lights to help make the room more interesting to wandering eyes.

Act with modesty when setting up different styles, especially with the furniture. A furniture’s modesty means that you should have a low sofa with a longer skirt to cover the chair’s legs if you have a high side table. Also, when updating a bathroom or kitchen to feel more upscale, you can save by using stock and semi-customed cabinets. Using custom cabinets allows the layout to come to life, especially with one main area standing out—usually, this is a stainless-steel faucet or something similar.

Transition in Style: Sell Your Old Things

When walking into your new room, you don’t want to climb over any old pieces that you have yet to relocate or throw away. Old stuff can get in the way and collect dirt, so donate or give them away to someone looking for furniture. We all like to hold onto old items because they have sentimental value. The greatest thing about selling or giving away old items is giving them a chance at a second life for a new family to enjoy.

When designing your home, make sure that you aren’t combining styles that don’t mesh well and clear out the junk that you no longer need to give those furniture and décor pieces a second chance in a different home. As recognized contractors at Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we’ll gladly help you re-establish your rooms with a new coat of paint. Not only that, but we’ll help bring to life your ideas for transitioning your space from one style of décor to the next.