Common Home Siding Installation Mistakes

To keep a home secure, you need to have siding. The siding protects the interior from weather damage and can improve the overall look of your home. Here are the common home siding installation mistakes you want to avoid. Read on for more information on what to look for before replacing your siding.

Not Choosing Good Products

If you purchase siding from a sketchy retailer or someone who doesn’t stand behind their product, you’re in trouble.

Not only will the quality of the product be unsatisfactory, but the type of warranty you get may not cover accidents.

So, before purchasing a siding material or specific product, always do your research.

The best products come with easy-to-understand warranties and better insight into what you’re buying and what customers say about the brand.

Not Hiring a Professional

Unlike other projects you can finish on your own or in a longer timeframe, many professionals don’t mind coming out to help, especially if it’s only for an inspection or an estimate.

Many beginners forget to contact a company like Bear Mountain Custom Painting for the best siding installation in Cumming, GA.

We understand you may want to do this on your own, but without having a professional inspect the work or help with the significant tasks, you can run into later issues.

Not Having Secure Layers

You want enough cushioning to help support the walls and avoid any moisture buildups in places like your interior walls. These layers that you need for your exterior siding installation are underlayments.

The underlayment is a barrier-like material that acts as a defense mechanism when water seeps through cracks in your siding.

Not only should siding contain underlayment, but so should windows and doors. The underlayment between doors and windows protects the exterior siding from springing a leak.

Not Using the Right Procedures

With any exterior project, you want to ensure you or the contractor you hire uses exemplary practices when nailing your panels onto your home.

It’s easy to become carried away and think we can hack our way through exterior panel installation. However, when we DIY our siding without experience or a guide, we create issues, such as leaks, cracks, and even damage to the foundation.

All in all, leave all the heavy work to a professional. Tasks like hammering nails to the home’s base without a professional can cause problems. So give Bear Mountain Custom Painting a call. We’re here to help guide you with your home renovation.

As you read through our common home siding installation mistakes, keep in mind that the best approach to a successful build is to use a professional service.

Even as we fix up the exterior of our home, it’s important to note an exceptional service that can help guide you through the process and inform you on how to avoid one of these siding installation mistakes.

Contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting for additional insight on our siding installation services in Alpharetta and much more.