The Benefits of Installing Crown Molding At Home

You’ve thought long and hard about how to make your home more interesting – should you paint your house green or red? Install board and batten siding? What about bay windows? We urge you to consider crown molding.

It adds class to every home, and experienced professional painters and carpenters should have no problem working with it. Furthermore, it will increase your home value, and the timeless look won’t deter potential buyers over time.

Keep reading to learn more about adding crown molding to your home, and if you would like a complimentary quote from our house painters in Cumming, GA, get in touch!

Crown Molding Increases Your Home Value

Crown molding can enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal, potentially increasing its value. The National Association of Realtors states that buyers often perceive such architectural features as indicators of a higher-quality property (NAR, 2020). A study from the Journal of Real Estate Research (2018) suggests that crown molding may increase home sale prices by up to 3%, depending on regional tastes. Additionally, Zillow’s 2019 report found listings mentioning ‘crown molding’ sold for 29% more than those that didn’t, suggesting a strong correlation between this feature and higher property values. These findings don’t establish causation, and many variables are at play, but it is a good sign nonetheless.

Crown Molding Creates a Warm Atmosphere, Even With High Ceilings

This casting technique gives more weight to tall ceilings; instead of feeling empty, vaulted, or cathedral, ceilings feel fuller. This technique wins over every prospective buyer—it’s a beautiful touch that makes every space feel expensive and classy.

Crown molding bridges the gap between wall and ceiling, giving the room a finished look (Architectural Digest wrote about this is in 2019). In rooms with tall ceilings, molding can lower the perception of height, creating a cozier atmosphere. Using double or triple stacked moldings can emphasize the grandeur of the space, while contrasting color between the molding and the ceiling can highlight architectural details. Molding can also function as a decorative shelf for ambient up-lighting, casting a warm, subtle glow onto the ceiling. Its versatility makes crown molding an excellent choice for high-ceilinged spaces.

Artfully Disguise Irregularities

An aging home is likely to show more defects than newer construction. Even when a home has irregularities, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the house. It could be an indent in the wall is starting to bother you more now than it did when you moved in. If you don’t like how a spot in a room looks, cover it with crown molding.

The crown molding technique is flexible. It allows you to cover up as much or as little of an area as you like. This is an excellent camouflage technique to use if you don’t want anyone noticing obvious mistakes in the room’s walls and ceilings.

Cracks Be Gone

Cracks happen in every room, and they can be an eyesore. Sometimes, cracks are a sign there may be a foundation problem. While you can use plaster to fill the hole and paint to cover it up, it may still be noticeable. The best way to completely seal off cracks is with crown molding.

While these are all good reasons to use crown molding in your home, make sure to avoid covering gaps that extend toward the middle of the wall or ceiling. In this case, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect the damage and work with you to plan and execute a proper solution.

If you’ve thought of doing something different to your home for the longest time, this is your sign to try something new. Our award-winning house painters in Alpharetta use crown molding as the finishing touch to achieve the level of elegance you desire for the rooms in your home. Contact us today with any questions you may have and to book your paint job.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Crown Molding?

HomeAdvisor estimates that homeowners typically spend between $2-$8 per linear foot for professionally installed crown molding. However, elaborate designs and premium materials like hardwood could cost up to $25 per foot or more. Labor costs can also fluctuate based on local rates and the complexity of the project. Do-it-yourself installation can reduce costs, but it requires skill and precision.

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