3 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe While Renovating Your Home

You don’t need to put your home into full lockdown mode if you have pets and are planning an installation. That may be best in some cases, but it’s usually only necessary if you’re planning major construction projects or installing something new. You should find ways to keep your pets safe while renovating your home. Here are three things you can do to prepare your pets for the home remodel.

Give Your Pets Their Own Space

Your pet may be the friendliest animal in the world, but even if they’re nice to others, they might not appear that way to strangers. Even if they seem pleasant, their curiosity may get the best of them. If you have the extra space, keep your pets in a separate area of the yard or place them closed room that’s far from the renovation.

Keeping them separate from everyone during construction keeps them and others safe, especially if someone on the work crew has an allergy. If you need additional help, ask your contractor for advice on blocking off certain areas of the house to avoid sneaky pets.

Visit the Vet for a Microchip

A trip to the vet sounds scary to your pet—and just one glance at the white jackets makes them apprehensive. However, it’s best to schedule a visit before a construction project so that you can get them microchipped. During this visit, the vet will insert a microchip underneath the animal’s skin.

This microchip gives others a way to identify your pet in the event they wander off. Keep a collar around your cats and dogs for more detailed identification, as this will enable a person to contact you if they find your pet.

Organize and Clean the Site After Construction

It’s essential to keep your home remodel organized, but after construction’s complete, it’s just as necessary to keep everything clean and off the floors. After final inspections conclude, pick up any tools and junk. Pets are curious, and they may try to grab or eat something they shouldn’t.

When working with your contractor on home improvement services, prepare a clear plan for barricading the work zones from pets. After all, our pets need the best protection from harmful tools and chemicals. Work with your crew to find different ways to protect all animals in your home so that everyone stays safe during the remodel.

We love our furry friends, which is why we must do our best to protect them during renovations. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, our contractors in Alpharetta work around the clock to find ways to keep your pets away from home renovation projects. As much as we’d love to have the pets around, it’s best to keep them in a separate location so that everyone can move along safely. Contact us for more information on our home improvement services—we can’t wait to help you!