Home Improvements That Can Make Your House Sell Faster

Home Improvements That Can Make Your House Sell Faster

Scrolling through countless pages of home selling websites, you ponder on why your house barely receives many saves, let alone any requests for a tour. From touring around the property to listing it, many don’t fully know why their house is not selling until a home inspector comes in and gives a brief list of the issues that are affecting your progress. Here’s a list of home improvements that can make your house sell faster.

Upgrade the Mailbox

Even if some don’t mind the look of your mailbox, others might pass on the house just because it’s a different shape, too far from the residence, or it’s in bad shape. More homeowners are opting for bigger mailboxes for other things like larger packages in the modern age, especially in the city.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your post box, consider opting for a large one. Or try painting your current one or changing it out for a new design. Either way, you’re breathing new life into the property.

Paint Exterior and Interior

Painting either side of the home has a greater chance of a faster sale than upgrading your flowerbeds around the house. You love flowers as much as the next person, but try taking a step back and reevaluating your upgrade choices.

Now that you have a fair idea, it’s time to hire local painters who can bring the home back to life. Whether through beige or a steel gray, your home starts to make a fresher return to the competitive market.

Colors you need to consider painting your interior:

  • Gray
  • White
  • Beige
  • Almond

Colors for your exterior as well:

  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Eggshell white
  • Green

Enhance Your Siding

Not only is painting the home on the table, but so is the siding. The home’s facing is a great way to tell the age of a home and how well a homeowner handles the upkeep.

For you to effectively sell your home for a price that meets or exceeds expectations, you better have the right siding to go along with the price tag.

No matter what you want to pick, a company offering siding installation in Cumming, GA can help get you started. By providing you with a list of the best materials, they help meet your price range and make the home more attractive to buyers. For example, vinyl will help sell the home faster than, say, wood siding, since it’s durable and easy to maintain.

The best siding options for your home:

  • Cement
  • Brick
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Other times, your house might not get noticed because of the array of items scattered about the porch and the overgrown grass that needs a good cut.

Since you have complete control over how your home looks, it’s a good idea to improve the landscaping and beef up the porch to create better chances of catching eyes.

Some ideas to beautify the outside of your home:

  • Maintaining the landscape
  • Placing in new outdoor furniture
  • Repainting the door
  • Creating a new walkway path

Declutter Your Home

A decluttered home is an obvious sign that you need to make some changes before selling your home. For starters, go room to room, dividing everything into separate piles, such as keeping, throwing out, donating, and yard sale. These piles help keep you organized and ready to carve the best home possible for potential buyers.


Right after decluttering, it’s time for the actual clean as you sort through everything. For example, start by scouring the main rooms, like the kitchen, living room, and main bedroom. These hot ticket items help give prospective shoppers an idea of how they envision every room to look.


All of your hard work eventually turns into staging the home. When setting up every room for the showing, focus on rearranging furniture that opens the floor and showcases how each room functions. For instance, the kitchen should have organized cabinets and clutter-free drawers, as well as an empty dishwasher.

Fence in Your Yard

Depending on where you live, you might benefit from fencing in your yard. A fence helps give the ultimate privacy upgrade for many that don’t want neighbors watching what’s going on in the backyard. This is also an easy project that garners plenty of attention from onlookers, especially if the fence is wood.

Change Out Your Garage Door

Repairing or replacing your garage door is an easy upgrade, and won’t burn a hole in your wallet, either. If you side with replacing, you have the chance to switch to an automatic garage door that can lift up and down at the push of a button, either on your smartphone or remote control.

A new garage door can enhance the home and make a significant improvement for your return on investment. Many car owners need a new reliable door that can open and close quickly, and that’s also easy to maintain. So, opting for a new door replacement on the garage might be worth investing in when considering selling your property.

Replace the Front Door

As far as modernizing your porch goes, Installing a new door in Cumming, GA always seems to make the terrace a more approachable place to be outside of the house. You can go on and on about placing in plants, but something about a door that’s up to code and standards can make any potential buyer quickly put in an offer.

So, make it a goal to go from a simple door that doesn’t attract much attention to a homeowner with a door many will enjoy talking about as the best feature in the entire home.

Here are benefits to installing a brand new door:

  • Save on energy costs
  • Better insulation
  • Many modern styles to pick from

Modernize the Kitchen

Not only do you need to organize the kitchen, but you need to add finesse upgrades to make the kitchen appear modern. For example, you can update by installing new lighting fixtures to add in more character or add extra storage near the cabinets.

Even splashing a new coat of paint can make the kitchen feel brand new. Here are other projects that add a ton of new advances for the next homeowner:

  • Appliance upgrades
  • New flooring
  • Crown molding
  • Brand new counters

With every one of the home improvements that can make a house sell faster, you want to pick the best ones that can help the place feel functional and the most valuable at your asking price. Don’t let the opportunity to improve your home’s quality pass by; every remodeling project helps add something better to what you already have.

You don’t need to push fast forward and rush your home onto the market. Take it one day at a time by utilizing the supreme home improvement services Bear Mountain Custom Painting has to offer. From house painting to installing new siding onto your Georgia home, contact us here for more information on enhancing the value of your home.

Home Improvements That Can Make Your House Sell Faster
What You Need To Know Before Buying a Flipped House

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Flipped House

With every home remodel, there comes the chance of an issue unfolding. Many people jump at the opportunity to fix the problem, but others place a band-aid on the issue or hide it well enough that they hope no one will notice. Unfortunately, you won’t always get everything you desire in a newer home, which is why it’s important that you explore what you need to know before buying a flipped house.

Overanalyze Everything

We encourage you to overanalyze. Perhaps you were told when you walked through the door that the home was a mid-century turned modern home from the 1920s. However, upon closer inspection, you uncover a home hiding issues that have only been covered with a bandage.

When you’re house hunting for the right rehabbed home, it’s okay to nitpick about every detail. The one thing you shouldn’t do is get tricked into flashy upgrades that involve the home’s main focal points. Get down to the nitty-gritty by looking at the light switches, testing alarm systems, and checking the appliances.

Create a Checklist

Draw up a list of things to check in the home, especially if the house has an attic or basement. While writing your list, create a category for custom items; this will allow you to take notes on the previous owner’s changes to the property.

Additionally, include the following items, as they cost a lot to replace at a later date:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Foundation
  • Customized rooms

Verify the Contractor

Ensuring that the contractor who helped flip the house is qualified, insured, and licensed can say a lot about whether the flip was a success or failure. Before placing an offer or getting too excited about having a backyard bonfire pit, look into the work history and perform a reference check.

Doing these things will remove any worry about whether the customizations or other parts of the flip violate local building codes.

Bring in a Home Inspector

If the home meets your needs, it’s essential to do one final walkthrough. Send an inspector from a qualified home improvement company in Atlanta to perform an inspection. They can inform you on what to fix. Knowing what needs fixing helps you weigh the pros and cons of the renovated home.

Look Over Permits

The last thing to do is look over the permits. Look into the local codes to ensure all changes were legal. If they were not, you may receive a fine and be forced to take the renovations down.

To protect yourself, go to town hall and speak with a building inspector to ensure that the home isn’t violating any codes. Also, check that the inspector was licensed and approved to make those modifications.

Now that you have what you need to know before buying a flipped house, you can confidently walk in understanding the risks of buying a rehabbed home.

There are so many different ways to flip a home, and it seems risky to move forward when you don’t know whether the property is a suitable investment. Bear Mountain Custom Painting can help break down the fear of buying or flipping your own house. For more information on our contracting services, contact us.

4 Reasons To Have Curved Windows Installed

4 Reasons To Have Curved Windows Installed

Whether you’re looking for a front-row view of spectacular scenery or a private place to sit with your morning coffee, you might want to consider adding a curved window to your home. Here are four reasons to have curved windows installed when you have the opportunity.

Natural Ventilation

A curved window sticks out from the side of the house, often in the form of three separate panes. Typically, the panes on either side are able to open, giving you a better chance of catching a cross-breeze.

Let more air run through the home when you contact your local Cumming, GA window replacement company and add this feature to your house. With curved windows, you can more effectively control the amount of air that enters your home, thus allowing for more natural ventilation when you need it.

More Light

Not only does airflow improve, but so does the amount of light that pours into your home. If you’re looking for any opportunity to let more natural light in, a curved window is a great way to achieve that.

More light can make any room appear bigger, and it also improves your mental health, so let it in every chance you get.

Expansive Views

If you have a home with a great view, you have to take advantage of it. Start by installing a curved window, which can open your eyes a little more as you wake up every morning. By replacing your windows with a type that gives you a more cinematic perspective, you’ll have the best view on the block.

Fun Customization Ideas

Customizing your home is fun, but what’s even more fun is adding customizable seating to your curved windows. If you love devouring the best views with a special someone or pet, a custom window seat is the best addition you could make.

With these reasons to install a curved window in your home, you have a better idea of some of the benefits you could enjoy with a view many people would pay a lot to see. Take advantage of spectacular scenery with a curved window.

Whether you’re trying to freshen up your home’s look or want to change out the windows to save on energy costs, the curved window is a great option. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we can’t get enough of the curved window. Contact us here for more information about our window installation in Alpharetta, GA.

How Often Should You Paint Your House’s Exterior?

How Often Should You Paint Your House’s Exterior?

Many homes need their exteriors updated often, but homeowners may not know when to do certain things. They may ask, “How often should you paint your house’s exterior?” Your house can show signs that it’s time to repaint; however, it’s typically best to do so every 5 to 10 years. However, that period can vary as homes deteriorate, jeopardizing home value. Realistically, it’s essential to paint your home because of the weather and age.

It Depends on the Material

The best way of knowing when you should paint the outside of the house is to consider its material. Experts say that since the timeline of your exterior paint job varies, you should know that a few things come into play, including your climate, the weather, and past paint jobs.

We’ll focus on material type first. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Wood siding: Once every 3 to 7 years
  • Aluminum siding: Once every 5 years
  • Modern siding (plastic): Once every 10 to 15 years
  • Brick siding: Every 15 to 20 years only if painted

As mentioned above, other factors play a role in how often you should paint your home’s exterior, such as a bad paint job or weather damage. We’ll get into those next.

Dealing With Bad Past Paint Jobs

Frequently, bad paint jobs create catastrophic events, such as not having a sealant to protect the material. This is a common problem for wood exteriors. Wood siding needs a protective coat. Otherwise, it can warp, splinter, and even create cracks that damage the foundation.

Luckily, you can save your home from a terrible paint job. With a simple call to a home remodeling company, a team of fine professional exterior house painters can come to deliver a fresh coat of paint.

With the expertise of these workers, your home’s siding will improve, and you won’t worry about chipped paint or repainting your siding for a while.

The Weather Damaged Your Exterior

Weather damage can play an even bigger role when you need to repaint. Direct sunlight can hit different parts of the exterior, and flooding can occur due to downpours of rain. The way weather leaves behind its track can ruin the outside of the home and cause severe damage. Get your home repainted and fixed to avoid any further damage.

How To Maintain the Outside

You can continue maintaining the exterior, even when it’s damaged. For starters, make a daily log documenting every problem you find, such as cracks or areas with chipped paint. Also, check for infestations and make sure you clean your gutters out.

Right after you’ve found your answers, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing there’s a service you can call that cares about the well-being of your home’s exterior.

If you want to find the right service provider to fix your paint job, contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We have all you need to ensure you stay on top of repainting your home. For more information on painting your home’s exterior, contact us today. 

10 Ways To Decorate With Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year

10 Ways To Decorate With Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year

2022 is the year when you’ll repaint your home. You can even use Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, in every room if you want. For clarification, Pantone selects a color they believe sets the right tone for the year. If you want to try a new trendy color in your home, explore our list of these 10 ways to decorate with Pantone’s 2022 color of the year.

Liven Up the Outdoor Space

2022 is the year where we connect more with nature and finally add a natural, peaceful color to the siding. When selecting a new color, you want to match the home’s style and bring out its character more.

When you paint the outside walls periwinkle, it helps make the home stand out and brightens up your landscape. Consider picking soft-colored plants to make the paint job fun and vibrant.

Other ways you can spruce up your outdoor space include:

  • Painting the door
  • Adding different outdoor décor
  • Designing a walking path

Brighten the Bedroom

When deciding on a color scheme for a bedroom, the first thing to do is use other colors that balance out Very Peri, like gray and lavender. However, don’t just add any color. By using the Pantone color of the year, you can make your bedroom a more relaxing place.

Also, dress the room with a white rug, include a few beige throw pillows, and repaint your headboard yellow. Since yellow represents energy, you can wake up feeling restful and rejuvenated every day. These design choices will add a bit of brightness to your room.

Different ways to make the room brighter include:

  • Using chrome bedroom furniture
  • Pairing walls with asymmetrical canvas art
  • Mirrored nightstands

Make the Kitchen Cabinetry Pop

The kitchen is the best room in the home, so why not add color to make your cabinets pop? By pairing Very Peri with creamy white cabinets, you balance the room. Additionally, adding pops of color, like yellow, can make the room feel more open and lighter.

Create an Accent Wall

If you own a historic home, an accent wall makes the house feel alive again. Consider using small, removable periwinkle wall decals or covers if you have original wallpaper that is too beautiful to touch.

A wall decal covering with small, intricate designs can make your wall feel timeless, especially if your home is over 100 years old. Also, the wall coverings are a great touch when you want to spruce up your dining room.

What to add to an accent wall:

  • Your best pictures
  • Different layers of fabric
  • Heirlooms
  • Wood paneling

Decorate With the Right Plants

Sometimes, we need the right plants to make the room feel more defined. Also, plants help clean the air of harmful odors. When using Very Peri, include aloe vera, spider plants, or eucalyptus plants in an off-white or gray vase. Once you enter the room, the plants will help balance out its tone so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

More plant options for a purple room include:

  • Calathea
  • Gloxinia
  • Peperomia
  • Pinstripe calathea ornata

Spoil Yourself With an Enhanced Home Office

Truth be told, the home office needs an update, especially if you plan to work from home permanently. The first thing to do is update your wall’s paint color. If you want a neutral tone, consider adding periwinkle. When decorating, settle for shades of periwinkle or go for gray. These two colors can make the space feel serene and help you focus on your work. Also, the colors give a minimalistic vibe.

What to add to your home office:

  • Small shelves
  • Reusable mugs
  • Pegboards
  • Cable organizer

Use Statement Pieces

Every room in the house needs to have one eye-catching piece that pulls the room together. Consider using a brighter color, such as yellow, as an accent color for spaces like the living room. The color yellow represents happiness, so it makes sense to add it to a room with a paint color that represents relaxation and peace.

If you want to entertain more, consider using a bright yellow cocktail bar where you can sip your favorite wine and enjoy a charcuterie board.

More statement pieces you need to use:

  • Mirrored furniture pieces
  • Monochrome mirrors
  • A white coffee table

Create a Color Palette

There are many ways to create the color palette of your dreams. Start by working with a team of interior home painting contractors who can help you pick the best colors to go with Very Peri. When selecting your colors, opt for choices that represent nature.

Some ways to choose the best colors include:

  • Sticking with neutrals
  • Picking from a color wheel
  • Mixing warm and cool colors

Use Contrasting Colors

There are other colors to choose from that can help you mellow out at the end of a busy workday. Remember, the right contrasting colorswork the best. So when selecting a color, opt for something that’s not too eccentric.

For a subtle palette, choose something like:

  • Teal
  • Violet
  • Raspberry

These shades can showcase your room’s best focal points. Also, if you want a palette that’s strictly shades of purple, think about these shades:

  • Orchid
  • Amethyst
  • Lavender

Select Rich Textiles

Remember that you don’t want the textiles you pick to be too bright. Therefore, pick something with a slightly darker tone, like plum. After selecting the color, choose a material that feels soft to the touch and adds elegance to your room.

When it comes to the best textiles to use, consider one of these:

  • Chiffon
  • Velvet
  • Crepe
  • Satin

Now that you know how to decorate with Pantone’s 2022 color of the year, you can start deciding the best decoration pieces to make the coloring unique.

Pairing a trendy color with something new is always fun, so try out this new hue in your home and watch the results transform your living space. From deciding on colors to picking the best statement pieces, you can make a room feel and look better. Bear Mountain Custom Painting knows you want to use the best and the trendiest color of the year. Start by contacting us to further discuss how we can revamp your house.

10 Ways To Decorate With Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year
Home Improvement Projects You Should Not Try to DIY

Home Improvement Projects You Should Not Try to DIY

Are you considering redoing your home? If so, that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and try a new project out by yourself without a plan. You should learn more about home renovations that beginners shouldn’t attempt first. To help you figure out the best approach to your DIY project, we share the home improvement projects you should not try to DIY.

Electric Work

Electric work is one of many things that can result in fatal consequences. For example, if you don’t know how to cross or replace wires correctly, you’ll shock yourself, which can cause an injury.

Even when you avoid shocking yourself, your work can be shoddy. This can cause wires to overheat and lead to a house fire.

Whatever electric work you plan to do yourself, you should ensure it’s nothing more than changing a few light bulbs.

Garage Door

The garage door might seem harmless. But since it’s attached to a harnessing system, one wrong move can cause it to slam down on the ground and cause accidents.

So, if you want to be safe and don’t want accidents, hire a professional who can renovate the garage door to something better.


The roof is another area with which you need to be careful. Without experience, you risk accidental slips or falls, even while cleaning out your gutters.

Since you’re high off the ground, your awareness needs to increase. When you look over your roof and gutters, you might miss some dire areas. Hiring a professional to help catch these issues can improve your renovation process.

So save yourself the trouble of having to climb up and risk injury by contacting a home gutter installation company.


You may have heard that molding’s an easy project you can do in a day. Maybe this is true for the experienced home renovator, but not for someone new to remodeling.

If you attempt to install the molding without specialized tools, it can fall off. Also, keep in mind that you don’t paint molding onto the top of your walls. Actually, they are board pieces that caulk and specific tools hold together.

Additionally, professionals will know how to use scribe molding on uneven walls. However, you might take more time due to a lack of skill and still have the mold end up not sitting right.

We’re not giving you the list of home improvement projects you should not try to DIY as a warning to put off fixing your home. In actuality, we want you to stay safe through every restoration and ask for help when the opportunity arises.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting can make every home improvement project a success, especially if you need to paint walls and install new gutter systems onto your home. So let’s liven up your space together! Contact us so that we can hear your ideas and offer you the best help to make your house’s enhancement better.