More Than My Moneys Worth

Mainly we wanted the outside of our house painted. In the process, they pressure washed the exterior, repaired some rotted wood, cleaned our gutters, washed the outside of the windows, repaired some drywall and painted the drywall repair.I would very highly recommend Bear Mountain. I was provided an estimate that was binding (with the exception of additional rotted wood that may be found during the project). Everyone involved with the project was extremely pleasant to deal with and the high level of communication I received was very helpful in making us comfortable with everything that was going on. The folks at Bear Mountain were very honest and up front with everything and would not stop until I was pleased with everything. One story that illustrates this is about half way through the project, I was shown a gutter that had been damaged from a ladder. They tried to repair it and after the repair brought it to my attention and gave me options for making up for the damage. They were very concerned with making sure I was happy with the solution and ended up replacing the gutter at their insistence. They also repaired sheet rock that we happened to damage while they were around. The repair was perfectly done.