Market Trends That Could Affect Your Home Buying Experience

Market Trends That Could Affect Your Home Buying Experience

Buying and selling are two fun ventures for veteran and first-time homeowners. However, the market’s creating significant issues that need addressing. Keep these trends in mind as you go through the home buying and selling process. Read on to learn more about recent market trends that could affect your home buying experience. And if you need any of the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We offer house painting in Johns Creek, window replacement in Alpharetta, window contractors in Roswell, and so much more across North GA.

Scarce Home Listings

Many home buyers and sellers are at odds with the real estate market. There’s no clear indication whether house sales will increase, as the pickings are getting slimmer by the day.

Many sellers aren’t selling, and far too many people are looking to buy. While this is good for competition, without the quantity, there are no chance sellers will profit from their sale as buyers wait longer to find their dream home.


For sellers, this market comes off as a good thing, but in reality, it’s not. With few properties for sale, buyers take longer to consider visiting and deciding on purchasing your house. Then again, your home could sell faster because of the number of individuals bidding on your listing.


For buyers, this market leaves you with a burdensome time sifting through the listings page via phone and website. The biggest tip would be to keep notifications on so that you can stay updated on new listings.

Skyrocketing Home Prices

Prices continue to increase—it’s not great for the seller or buyer. Prices keep rising because of demand and the increased popularity of certain cities and regions. As 2022 progresses, most areas can expect prices to increase steadily.


Higher home prices mean better market value, but that also means more trouble for you. As a seller, you should continue updating your home; your property value dwindles if you don’t renovate often to remain competitive. Update your property by at least painting the house—hire house painters in Cumming, GA to repaint the home’s exterior and interior.

Interest Rates Won’t Stay Low for Long

A bigger market trend that could affect your home buying experience is a shift toward lower interest rates. These rates are at an all-time low, and it’s a great way to save money now. This aspect pertains to both the buyer and seller. For the seller, low rates are a good thing because they increase a shopper’s confidence.


Low-interest rates are a slice of heaven for the buyer, but it’s only temporary. When working with banks, ensure you understand your mortgage rate and have at least 20 percent ready for a down payment. Additionally, prepare yourself for unexpected interest rate increases later on.

It’s an uncertain time for many buyers and sellers, but don’t let these tentative market events keep you from renewing your property and looking for what you want in a home. Bear Mountain Custom Painting, the top residential painting company in Alpharetta, is here to help all Atlanta residents ensure their homes are up to date and competitive in a demanding market. From painting contractors in Roswell, GA to concrete coating experts, contact us for information on our services; we can’t wait to prepare your home for the market! 

3 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe While Renovating Your Home

3 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe While Renovating Your Home

You don’t need to put your home into full lockdown mode if you have pets and are planning an installation. That may be best in some cases, but it’s usually only necessary if you’re planning major construction projects or installing something new. You should find ways to keep your pets safe while renovating your home. Here are three things you can do to prepare your pets for the home remodel.

Give Your Pets Their Own Space

Your pet may be the friendliest animal in the world, but even if they’re nice to others, they might not appear that way to strangers. Even if they seem pleasant, their curiosity may get the best of them. If you have the extra space, keep your pets in a separate area of the yard or place them closed room that’s far from the renovation.

Keeping them separate from everyone during construction keeps them and others safe, especially if someone on the work crew has an allergy. If you need additional help, ask your contractor for advice on blocking off certain areas of the house to avoid sneaky pets.

Visit the Vet for a Microchip

A trip to the vet sounds scary to your pet—and just one glance at the white jackets makes them apprehensive. However, it’s best to schedule a visit before a construction project so that you can get them microchipped. During this visit, the vet will insert a microchip underneath the animal’s skin.

This microchip gives others a way to identify your pet in the event they wander off. Keep a collar around your cats and dogs for more detailed identification, as this will enable a person to contact you if they find your pet.

Organize and Clean the Site After Construction

It’s essential to keep your home remodel organized, but after construction’s complete, it’s just as necessary to keep everything clean and off the floors. After final inspections conclude, pick up any tools and junk. Pets are curious, and they may try to grab or eat something they shouldn’t.

When working with your contractor on home improvement services, prepare a clear plan for barricading the work zones from pets. After all, our pets need the best protection from harmful tools and chemicals. Work with your crew to find different ways to protect all animals in your home so that everyone stays safe during the remodel.

We love our furry friends, which is why we must do our best to protect them during renovations. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, our contractors in Alpharetta work around the clock to find ways to keep your pets away from home renovation projects. As much as we’d love to have the pets around, it’s best to keep them in a separate location so that everyone can move along safely. Contact us for more information on our home improvement services—we can’t wait to help you!

10 Reasons To Hire a Professional To Paint Your House

10 Reasons To Hire a Professional To Paint Your House

Painting your home’s interior hasn’t always been an issue, but multiple rooms in need of a paint job can be overwhelming. When painting interiors, planning can swamp you to the point where you’re procrastinating instead of progressing. It’s an big project for one person. From an expert’s perspective, planning and finding innovative ways to paint your house the way you’ve imagined it can be fun! Keep reading for reasons to hire a professional painter. And if you need a house painter in Alpharetta, GA, please call us for your complimentary quote.

Professional Painters Are Insured

You have a right to be wary about uninsured professional painters. Many house painters in Johns Creek have insurance as independent contractors or through a licensed company. Knowing what the company’s or individual’s insurance covers is vital if something goes wrong. When insured, contractors take special care to prevent accidents. When accidents happen, they record the incident and get it covered straight away.

Quality Over Quantity

Yes, you want every room splattered with shades of your favorite colors, but what’s the point in simply painting everything? There’s no life in a room with only paint. A contractor shows through their work that quality is what matters.

When you walk into a room, you want it to pull you in, mesmerized by the careful strokes of paint on the walls. A professional painter takes time to outline the walls and other parts of your home before working. You’ll notice right away that painters take time to care for their work rather than tallying how many rooms they can paint in a day. For instance, if you are weighing house painters in Duluth against each other, don’t focus on how quickly they say it will be done — focus on their history of happy clients.

A Clear Timeline

Time is valuable. You don’t want to host celebrations in rooms that are under construction, nor do you want to spend another day off from work painting a room yourself. There are also chances for disruptions, such as personal problems and minor cosmetic issues you didn’t notice before.

Bring in a professional who can work with your timeline. Working together gives you more time to yourself while the painter does the tasking and planning. You can sit and relax while contractors map out the room and find the best timeframe to work with your project.

Painters Are Collaborators

Painting contractors in Roswell, GA are creative individuals. They enjoy showing off their portfolios to clients to give examples of what styles they specialize in or interiors they work on most. Through their work, they have the opportunity to collaborate and find what style, color, or theme speaks to you the most.

Do you enjoy classics like white, navy blue, or soft green? If so, bring these color ideas to a specialist who can craft a palette that fits your style and interior well. They will always recommend testing the color out first, and then give suggestions on substitute shades if it doesn’t work.

Efficiency Is a Top Priority

Many amateur house painters believe dedicating an entire day to painting without stopping is better. However, professionals can tell you that without prior knowledge of how to start a project, you will end up unhappy with the outcome. You could end up with improper color matching and gaping holes you didn’t notice before.

It’s okay if you want to do the project on your own, but hiring a specialist can turn what used to be an eight-hour project into four hours or less. Efficiency is vital, and sticking to a two-hour window is preferred over spending long hours deciding on a color and looking for interior damage.

They Have Years of Experience

Your neighbor or inexperienced co-worker may think they know how to paint, but do they have knowledge and years of experience under their belt? If not, you’re risking it all for a mediocre paint job. Don’t discredit professional painters; as we mentioned previously, many painters provide portfolios of their work to back up their experience.

Many interior painting contractors in Cumming, GA have developed their skills through years of experience while refining their knowledge by staying up to date on painting trends to perfect every job. Hiring someone with a deep understanding of different painting styles, color matching, and more is essential to great results.

Painting Contractors Have the Right Tools

A professional in any field has a strong knowledge of the tools needed to complete various tasks. A painting specialist is someone you’d expect to have a good understanding of what they need to do a job well.

While working with them, you’ll develop an understanding and create a list of things to apply touchups when needed. The right tools help create an excellent approach to completing a job.

Professional Painters Are Detail-Oriented

Just like knowing the right tools, painters must be detail-oriented. Sure, your neighbor may have some knowledge of how to paint a wall’s header and trimming, but they won’t know how to overlay the main wall with minor touches.

Workers will sit down with you, get to know your project, and inspect walls before painting anything. Once they find the colors you want, they’ll tag areas where specific colors should go to avoid missing a spot or using a particular color more than once. Additionally, professionals will spend time looking for issues, such as cracks or holes.

They Inspect the Walls Before Painting

Every good professional painter checks the walls before painting. A thorough inspection helps prevent any mistakes or delays in your timeline. If you’re unsure about any issues, ask your painter to help identify things like cracks, holes, and dents. These issues are minor, but when caught right away, they won’t stall the process.

Once the issues are corrected, continue to inspect other rooms if you plan to paint the entire house—this prevents future problems. Professional painters will look over the walls again at the end of a painting job and make final touchups. If we think you will be better served by replacing some or all of your siding before painting, our siding contractors in Alpharetta can get you a timely and accurate complimentary quote.

Professional Painters Know How To Work the Walls

Professional painters aren’t necessarily wall whisperers, but in a way, they could be due to their high amount of knowledge. To put this into perspective, a contractor specializing in painting knows the best approach to inspecting walls and finding solutions to fix problems before painting.

If you want a reason why hiring a professional is better than a friend to paint your house, then consider a painting specialist’s care for their work as the biggest one. Reach out to a local contractor to learn more about the benefits of hiring professional painters in Alpharetta, GA.

It’s essential to receive professional guidance rather than advice from a neighbor. Instead of procrastinating your painting project, reach out to your friends at Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We offer expert home services in Alpharetta, GA and we’re here to assist in finding issues before starting the job. Additionally, we always aim to meet all your task expectations. Contact us for more information on our painting services—we can’t wait to collaborate and find paint colors for your interior!

10 Reasons To Hire a Professional To Paint Your House
What’s the Best Type of Siding for Your Home?

What’s the Best Type of Siding for Your Home?

Trying to find the best siding to put on your home can be tricky. But the best type is one with an admirable style and excellent functional benefits. Instead of worrying about the brand name, you should start thinking about the manufacturing of the siding material before buying.

Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners enjoy vinyl’s look and affordability. Vinyl is a high-quality plastic that’s water resistant, and its color is in the material rather than painted on. For the most part, you can expect to pay a reasonable price for this material.

Vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance, as you can clean it with a hose without worrying about chipping paint. It’s a low-cost choice, but there are other options to consider for different looks.

Stone Veneer

Vinyl may not give tones of personality to a house, but stone veneer might. It doesn’t introduce a pop of color, but stone veneer does have a unique character in some ways. Generally, people have used stone for thousands of years, which shows it doesn’t go out of style. It only needs modifications to appear modern.

You can also go for a veneer that’s actually faux stone if you don’t want to use natural rock. The appeal of stone veneer comes from its sleek appearance. It doesn’t necessarily teleport you back in time, but it creates a timeless impression that lasts a long time.

If you aim to have faux stone veneer, you should know that this material is often cement that the manufacturer dyes another color to make it appear like authentic stone. Overall, both natural and faux stone sidings cost more than vinyl. So talk to a siding contractor in Cumming, GA about this style choice before committing to it.

Traditional Wood

Wood also proudly takes the title of being the most used siding material in the world. Wood’s a great material to use for a homey, natural appearance. If your house is rustic, it will look more appealing with wood cladding.

Like stone, wood’s also versatile in color. You can have it painted or stained. Furthermore, it’s affordable, though you should maintain it by reapplying paint or stains about once every 5 to 10 years. You need to attend to it more often, as it’s prone to warping from moisture and deteriorating due to wood-eating organisms like termites.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement’s a cladding most common on modern homes. For that reason, you may see it more in and around cities. Cement in this style lasts a long time and doesn’t need much work. However, this cement type isn’t reminiscent of the standard concrete you’re used to—it appears more like a wood’s surface.

Keep yourself informed on the best siding choices that fit your home without worrying about the brand name.

It’s essential to find the best siding professional services near you. Bear Mountain Custom Painting provides the Atlanta metropolitan area and its surroundings with outstanding siding services focusing on the customer’s wants and needs. Contact us today; we can’t wait to collaborate and find the siding that works for you!

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Dry Rot

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Dry Rot

A house ages gracefully when it receives proper care and maintenance. If you don’t actively keep things fixed and inspected, then you risk damaging your home. Even though accidents happen, not paying attention to when problems occur leads to more expensive fixes later. If you’ve noticed corrosion in your home, that’s undoubtedly dry rot. If you’ve never heard of decay before, here’s what you and every homeowner should know about dry rot.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a reaction that happens to lots of building material, but it mainly inhabits wood. When wood is damp and untreated, it becomes a feast for organisms like fungi. Once these organisms attach themselves to the building material, they break down the cellulose and hemicellulose. These two things help strengthen the wood. Therefore, the wood becomes weaker without them.

Is It Necessary To Check for Dry Rot?

Yes, it’s necessary to look for dry rot in your home, just as it’s essential to get rid of invasive funguses in their early stages. When inspecting a home, look for damp areas. Usually, rot occurs in basements and attics.

How To Know if You Have Dry Rot

You can tell if you have dry rot in your house by looking for damp corners. This fungus likes dark, moist areas. So contact a repair service if you notice the following signs:

  • Sunken wood
  • Silver and gray patches
  • Darkening wood and cracks

Dry Rot Is Treatable

This harmful issue is preventable. And as long as it’s in its early stage, you won’t need to bring in extra help. There are three treatments to perform, starting with epoxy. Epoxy treatments begin by filling the damaged wood with epoxy. The treatment kills the bacteria and renews the wood’s structure.

Another method is to use antifreeze, which kills the fungus and stops decay growth. It’s suitable for later stages. The last approach is to use copper compounds and requires the removal of damaged sections. The affected sections soak in a copper compound mixture to get rid of the rot.

Next Steps for Preventing Rot

Prevention starts with daily inspections. You don’t need to do them once a day, but consistent checks for plumbing problems or problematic roofing areas can help fight future issues. Additionally, you could contact a carpenter in Cumming, GA service to find dry rot and learn the best prevention solutions.

Here’s what you need to do often:

  • Check your ventilation system once a month
  • Reseal your deck every season
  • Use gutters for better draining

Check in with your local carpentry servicer to learn everything you should know about what dry rot is and prevention tips. These small actions will help significantly.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting wants you to have a livable home that ages well. If you hire us for your carpentry needs, we can perform inspections to ensure that there are no dire problems. And if there are, we’ll help fix them. Give us a call to learn more about our carpentry services in the Atlanta area.

How To Properly Protect Your Exterior Paint Job

How To Properly Protect Your Exterior Paint Job

Painting your home is lots of fun, but it comes with many challenges, like frustrating interruptions from weather elements. Here’s a guide on how to properly protect your exterior paint job. From warping to chipped paint, these are fixes you need when taking care of your siding.

Dust and Clean Your Walls

There are many methods to help prep your sides before painting, just as there are things to do after you finish. However, if you plan to clean your walls, you should dust them first. Brushing the siding helps rid the area of cobwebs, dirt, and grime.

The other things you should do before applying any detergent or finisher onto your home include:

  • Dusting with a broom.
  • Vacuuming the borders with a long-bristled nozzle.
  • Wiping off spots with microfiber cloths.

Some products will strip walls of their colors and overall durability. Things like degreasers, bleach, and other products come with an overwhelming number of chemicals that aren’t suitable for your home.

Before using a cleaning product, always perform a spot test. The spot test shows how well the material adheres to the wall’s finish. It’s okay to buy eco-friendly products, but those with recognizable, easy-to-pronounce names will be better to use.

Use a Pressure Washer

The best method for cleaning the corners of borders and walls is using a pressure washer. Pressure washing saves you time cleaning an entire surface while leaving more room to get other things done around the house.

Don’t use a pressure washer until you know water guidelines in your neighborhood. Additionally, to avoid excessive damage to your siding, make sure to stand far away, at least on the sidewalk, before you turn on the hose.

Remove Any Mold

If you’ve noticed other issues that could stress the interior, you’ll probably need extra assistance to remove the problem. Many homeowners don’t know the protocol when removing things like mold.

If your home has any sign of mold issues on the outside, you need to remove it. Also, this could mean replacing your siding. If this happens, bring in extra help to assist in finding and killing the mold before it affects any other part of the structure.

The best way to destroy mold is to follow these steps:

  1. Inspect your siding for existing spores. They normally appear:
    1. Green
    2. Black
    3. Grey
  2. Once you’ve spotted the bacteria, grab a pair of rubber gloves, a mask, and goggles, then start scrubbing what you can with a borax-water mixture.
  3. Wipe up everything that’s come off with a rag and soapy water.
  4. Don’t touch the area—let it dry.
  5. Install new ventilation systems to help control humidity levels.

Document Your Problem Areas

There are likely many problem spots, but you need to be the one to find and record the information. Once you’ve recorded everything you need to know, contact a home exterior painting Cumming, GA company to get information on how to move forward.

Areas you’d want to record and inform your servicer of include the following:

  • Blistering or cracking walls.
  • Fading or yellow siding.
  • Wrinkling siding.

Don’t wait until the last minute to report these problems—you likely will need to do more dire, costly repairs later.

Improve Your Greenery

Although greenery looks great on the sides of a house, they pose a risk to your paint job. To dissipate the risk of any greenery damage, trim your bushes, grass, and vines down so that they don’t scratch or press against the sides.

Additionally, you can move your plants back a few feet to avoid leaves from touching the walls. Moving your plants at least 6 inches away prevents moisture build-up and diminishes the chance of bugs and vermin sneaking in. Also, think about buying planters to hang outside your window if you want your plants to grow down.

Clean the Gutters

Downspouts control water flow when it rains and clear out water after the season’s last snowfall. If you don’t clean your gutters, your foundational levels may deteriorate, and the siding becomes damaged with chipped paint and streaks.

You can eliminate the chance of sacrificing your foundation and siding by either clearing debris yourself or hiring a professional. Whatever you do, make sure to schedule it right away to avoid long-term damages like paint and smudges.

Clear Away Excess Debris From the Yard

Debris often blows into your yard due to high winds and storms. If you don’t clear the clutter away, you risk of damaging your siding. As you accumulate debris in the yard, ensure you go out and pick up everything to maintain curb appeal and protect your exterior paint job.

Make sure you have the following to make cleaning your yard easier:

  • A dumpster
  • Bags for bigger things
  • Gloves
  • Rake and leaf blower

Apply the Right Stuff

Your siding is vulnerable, so you need to have the right tools to help it last a long time. A specific coating can alleviate your chances of damage due to heat, sunlight, and bad weather. Additionally, making sure the surface is dry helps deliver a better outcome after painting.

Applying Painting Coats and Primer

It’s essential to coat your home with at least two layers of finisher after placing the primer onto the surface. Make sure to work on your walls’ sides and bottoms for more protection. By doing it in this order, the chance of damage from weather, rot, or mildew decrease.

Eliminating Damage Risk From Heat and Sunlight

Even when your outer walls face the sun, the heat dries it fast. So, the best time to paint is on days that aren’t too hot. Focus on painting the shady areas of your home since they won’t dry as fast. However, if you need to paint the front of your home, install a shade system with a tarp and poles to hold it in place.

Checking for Damp Surfaces

Before applying any paint, wait for surfaces to dry on their own after a rainstorm. After it rains, walls become damp and paint won’t stick well, resulting in color dripping off and creating streaks. Wait at least a week before starting, especially if there are more than two days of rainfall.

Hire a Professional Painter

As you complete your shopping list for the project, it’s always good to hire a professional painter who can precisely assist in priming and painting. It never hurts to ask for extra help on a painting job.

Every painting task comes with ups and downs. Bear Mountain Custom Painting promises many advantages. We always encourage Atlanta homeowners to request a painter to come by and ensure their work comes out the way they expect. Contact us for more information on our expert painting amenities.

How To Properly Protect Your Exterior Paint Job